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LeShelf keeps track of time while you get ready

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Designed by Yeo Yuh Shing Serinne, the LeShelf organizes your cosmetic products, as well as keeps track of time while getting ready. It comes with separate individual shelving units that allow the user to customize the organizing system to suit the storage of different cosmetic products. Users can choose different shape and colors of shelves to cater to their own preference and product sizes. This helps you to remember the place of storing the items, reducing the time spent in finding misplaced items.

It also flaunts an in-built clock and the LED light bar that is embedded neatly in the mirror. The light increases in length horizontally as time passes. This makes passing of time visible and thus serve as a reminder to user about time, so one can keep track of the time spent in getting ready. LeShelf also has a lighting system in which lights will be switched on when the mirror is slid open. It runs on a rechargeable battery, making it eco-friendly and reduced unsightly wires and cables.

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Thanks Serinne Yeo Yuh Shing

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