How to Write Economics Research papers?

How to Write Economics Research papers

Read this article and learn how to write economics research papers.

The research paper writing service experts have outlined all the steps needed to write a high-quality research paper.

1.   Find a good topic

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The first step on how to write economics research papers is finding a topic.Find an interesting topic. It should not be too broad.

Based on that topic, find relevant sources. You need enough time for proper research. Use both primary and secondary sources. Take notes during the research process. This step will help when drafting your paper.

Use the research notes to create a thesis. Make it as clear as possible. However, visit which is academic paper writing service website to write your paper.

2.   Outline for economic research paper

Next, create an outline. Your outline should cover all the main sections. Write main points under each section. An outline for economic research paper makes it easier to write a good paper. The next steps will focus on drafting and revising your paper.

3.   How to Write Economics Paper Introduction

At this point, you should start drafting your paper. While drafting the introduction, make sure you do the following;

  • Introduce the topic. Also, show the importance of your topic.
  • Briefly, present the available research on your topic.
  • Show a gap in the existing research. This is the gap your paper will try to fill.
  • Explain how your research paper will fill this gap.
  • Present your thesis. This is the answer to your research question.
  • Highlight the limits of your research.
  • Explain the organization of the economics research paper.

4.   Literature review

This is a very important step on how to write economics research papers. Your literature review will serve 2 functions.

  • It will show your understanding of scholarly work relevant to the topic.
  • It will lay a foundation for your paper.

The literature review section should have two sections.

The first section will discuss existing research relevant to your topic. You will find many papers on your topic. However, some will not be directly relevant. Just choose those that are directly relevant. You must rely on existing economics peer-reviewed sources. You can cite papers from other disciplines. However, economics papers will strengthen the quality of your paper.

The second section explains the importance of your research. Explain your contribution to the existing literature. Will you bring in new data? Will you be answering the question more specifically or broadly? Will you be introducing a new approach?

What if I don’t know how to write literature reviews? Well, no need to worry. Most students have problems with literature reviews. Some think that it is just a summary of relevant sources. This is incorrect. You need to properly analyze sources. Start by reading other scholarly journals. See how other authors have written a review of the literature. See how they have arranged this section. This will help you learn how to write this section. You can also get economics research paper writing help. Experts can help you write a good literature review.

5.   Methodology

In this section, you will explain the methods used in research. Start by introducing the methodology or model. Describe it. Explain why you used that methodology and not any other. Identify any limitations of that methodology.

6.   Results

writing economics research papers

This step is important on how to write economics research papers. You need to present findings that answer the research question. During the research, you will get many findings. Some findings will answer the research question directly. Others will only help answer the question. Just present those that directly answer the question. You can present other less important findings in the appendices section. You can present the findings in words. You can also present them in form of tables or graphs.

7.   Discussion

The next step is interpreting the results. The discussion section shows the answer to your research question. It shows how the findings prove the thesis statement. You should connect the findings with the introduction and literature review sections.

8.   How to Write Economic Paper Conclusion

The conclusion section should be short and clear. Remind the reader of your research question. Summarize the key findings. Explain the significance of these findings. Discuss the limitations of your research. Offer any recommendations such as further research.

9.   Abstract

Most economics research papers need an abstract. This is a summary of the main elements in your paper. The content of an abstract varies. However, the most common elements include; the purpose of your paper. You need to briefly discuss your methodology. You also need to briefly discuss the findings and the conclusions. It should be about 200 words long.

10.  References

At the end of your research paper, present your references. This section helps your reader to track down sources. Popular sources can give you some background information. For example, The Economist can be a good starting point. However, such sources are not suitable for economics research papers. Try to use peer-reviewed economics journals.

Follow the required formatting styles in the references section. You may have to read the instructions again. See if there is any specified formatting style.

11.  Revision

The next step on how to write economics papers is revision. Most students ignore this step. They have enough time for other steps but not this. But we understand this. The thought of reading and rereading a long paper can be boring. But you should never skip this step. Revising your paper ensures that you will get top grades.

Take a break after you are done with the first draft. Forget about your assignment for a while. After the break, you will be ready for the revision. Don’t start with the grammar and spell checks. You can use them later.

First, read the assignment instructions. See if you have followed all the instructions. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Have I answered my instructor’s question?
  • Have I used the required formatting style?
  • Does the paper meet the required number of words?
  • Have I used the required sources?

Check the organization of your economics research paper. Does your paper have three main sections? Do you have an introduction, main section, and concluding section? Check the paragraphs. Is there a smooth flow from one paragraph to the next? Eliminate any problems. You can reorganize paragraphs for a better flow. Don’t forget to check your sentences. They should be short and clear.

Finally, proofread your research paper. Try reading out the paper aloud. Find and eliminate any grammar and spelling mistakes. We also recommend having another person read your work. They can help you identify mistakes that went unnoticed. Remember that the best essay writing service can assist you.

General tips on writing economics research papers

  • Use short sentences. Short sentences tend to be clearer. If possible, use short words too.
  • Avoid repetition. Cut repeated content. You don’t want to be boring.
  • Avoid passive voice. Try as much as possible to use active voice.
  • Avoid jargons. Instead, use meaningful words.
  • Have one thought in one paragraph. Don’t discuss too many thoughts in one paragraph. Instead, present one concept in one paragraph.
  • Don’t forget in-text citations. Throughout your paper, include in-text citations. This will help avoid plagiarism consequences.
  • Avoid ‘I’. Economics research papers are based on research and not personal opinions.

This is a guide on how to write economics research papers. We hope that it offers useful information. Writing economics papers should not be stressful. You only need a proper guide. It may take time to master these tips. However, with time you will be a better essay writer. Just ensure that you start working on your paper now. This will give you enough time to write a good paper. Good luck.

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