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Home automation systems fulfilling expanding human needs and expectations

Reading or listening about home automation is one thing and watching it functioning is something else altogether. Home automation systems enable you to experience the sheer bliss to live in a home that you can control with just a few clicks on your Smartphone even when you are not at home.

Expanding human needs are making life tough for human beings because there is dearth of time but too many things to do. Home automation systems come here to rescue us all from the tiresome life, offering us convenience and comfort.

Understanding home automation to exploit it better

Home automation is a holistic system wherein a central location controls everything. Yet another way to explain the superb concept of home automation isa system in which every smart device talks to a conveniently placed device.There are two ways to approach home automation – a centralized approach and the decentralized approach.

The Centralized approach

Centralized home automation system is very easy to understand, as there is one single leader device to which every smart gadget like your washing machine, fridge, television, vacuum cleaner, telephone and others report to. The leader device is like the principal and all other devices are the teachers of a school. The principal device is likea console attached to the wall and from there it monitors and controls the functioning of all the other gadgets.

This approach is quite easy to understand and even use but it has a major drawback. Suppose the console recognizes your old washing machine but now it is no more in a working condition so you are up to change it. You get a new machine but the console s not recognizing it, which means you have to stick to your old inefficient machine just because the new one is not compatible with the system, and you cannot afford to change the entire console. One more thing that works against the centralized approach is its expensive nature, as it costs pretty much to get it all installed in yourhome.

The Decentralizedapproach

The Decentralized approach is the one that almost all home automation systems of today are based upon because it is much more practical and beneficial. It offers you utmost freedom of adding any smart device you want to add to your smart home. You need not even think about compatibility let alone actually doing something for it.

You can get home an LG washing machine, an IFB microwave, a Samsung LCD, and a Roomba vacuum. Using a decentralized home automation system allows you to have such a diversity of appliances and gadgets in your home. All the appliances connect to each other and you can control all of them on a companion app you download on your Smartphone.

Home automation in the palms of your hands

Technological advancements have done a lot for making our lives simple and convenient. The home automation industry has grown so much, from a robotic hub to a system that allows you to control everything in your home with a powerful device. That powerful device is your Smartphone that brings all controls in the palms of your hands.

You open your garage door, turn the light on or off, turn up the volume of your music system, switch off some kitchen appliance, unlock the main door and a plethora of other functions with your Smartphone. The thing that gives your phone the power to control multiple devices is the app, the companion app that connects all the smart home devices to your phone.

Home automation systems have come a long way, and are continuing to do the same. They are becoming better and better to serve the expanding needs and expectations of their users.

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