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HGH Therapy: Everything That You Need to Know About It

HGH or Human Growth Hormone Therapy is a form of hormone therapy that is commonly used to cure birth defects such as HGH deficiency in children. Synthetic growth hormone was first developed in 1985 and was subsequently approved by FDA for both adults and children for treatment of a wide variety of medical conditions.

Uses of HGH Therapy

1. Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome is a genetic disease that mostly affects girls. Girls with Turner syndrome have a poor average height of 4ft 8in. Apart from this it could also have various other symptoms like failure of ovary development and heart defects.

HGH therapy is now considered as a safe and effective treatment to reverse some of the vital signs of the syndrome. Many medical outlets like specialize in it. In fact, girls who opt for HGH Therapy tend to be taller by about 8-inches compared to those who don’t.

2. Prader-Willi Syndrome

Prader-Willi Syndrome or PWS results from dysfunctional Hypothalamus, which is responsible for regulating various bodily functions like hunger and satiety, sleep wake balance, emotions, and fertility etc. It mainly happens due to genetic causes and affects one out of every 15,000 children. PWS is most common genetic cause for life threatening obesity in children.

There are multiple studies that prove HGH is beneficial for children suffering from Prader-Willi Syndrome. Apart from increasing height, HGH also showed a range of other results like improvement in weight, bone mineral density, and also weight distribution and stamina.

3. Chronic Kidney Disease in Children

Children with chronic kidney disease often suffer dramatic changes in growth hormones which leads them to a height that is way below their genetic target.

HGH therapy is both effectual and safe in countering this. It helps the child in achieving the normal adult height, even though it might fall short of the genetic target.

4. HGH Deficiency in Children

There are many other types of conditions that could lead to an HGH deficiency in children, which could ultimately lead to them having a short statute. In cases like these, HGH therapy is one of the recommended treatments.

5. Short Bowel Syndrome

Short Bowel Syndrome happens when your small intestine cannot absorb enough nutrients from the food because of insufficient length. Although commonly a birth defect, surgical removal of small intestine could also lead to it.

In cases of Short Bowel Syndrome several studies with HGH treatment have shown an increased absorption of protein and carbohydrates leading to increased body weight and lean body mass.

Risks of HGH Treatment

HGH treatment could cause a range of side effects like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, increased insulin resistance, diabetes, and joint pain. Therefore, it is necessary that you consult your doctor before going for it.

What Happens in HGH Therapy?

Growth hormone

At present, there’s no HGH pill available, and it is administered through an injection. Although there are dietary supplements that claim to increase the levels of HGH, there’s no scientific evidence that could backup their claims.

Final Words

The Food and Drug Administration has marked HGH as a controlled substance, which means that using HGH for a purpose not approved by FDA (like anti-aging or muscle building etc.) would be termed as illegal.  However, for these very purposes, simple lifestyle changes like a healthy diet and a good workout regime could do wonders. You should go for HGH only when a qualified doctor prescribes it to you.

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