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How to Have Healthy Potted Plants at Home

Every nature lover wants to treasure a miniature form of it. That is the reason many people bring potted plants to their homes. While it is refreshing and healthy to keep potted plants at home, it is equally essential to keep plants healthy by taking complete care of them. If you do not nurse your favorite plants and flowers properly, then you might lose their luster or the whole plant. Check out here some tips that can help you in taking good care of your potted plants.

Understand your plant

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As it is required to be understanding toward people, it is also needed that you understand the nature of your potted plant before you treat them in the right manner. You cannot treat a cactus in the same way as you treat a rose. Do some research about your plants and know the kind of care they require. You may also read some gardening books to know more about the conditions in which your plant needs to grow.

Check the sunlight conditions

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While some plants may burn under direct sunlight, some others require sunlight badly for growth. On the other hand, a few plants need indirect sunlight and need to be kept under warm and shady conditions. You should check which of your potted plants need to be kept under sunlight and which should be kept in a shady corner. For example, you may observe their leaves and flowers. If these are getting pale, then your plant might need to be moved from a dark place to a sunny garden. Many flower plants like dahlia, lantana and African daisy require sunlight to grow up in a healthier way. As against this, plants like ornamental grass and ferns may require both sunny and shady conditions to grow up properly.

Water them rightly

Water your plants with wastewater

If you have potted plants at your home, then it is not right to leave them dry. You should water your plants sufficiently while also avoiding drowning them under water. While some plants like ferns may need a lot of water to sustain, others like cactus may do well with little water. Check how much water is sufficient for your plant to stay healthy and make sure to feed them with water on a regular basis. You may check the condition of soil to learn if your plant requires to be watered. Soil should not go hard or dry. You should also water plants according to the weather conditions. Additionally, you should take care of the drainage system in your pots. Ensure that there your pots have holes at the bottom so extra water may flow out.

Feed your plants and maintain them

Feed your plants

Plants in pots may require to be fed well, as they cannot gain the nutrition from the ground. Thus, you need to add nutritious fertilizers to the soil from time to time, as fertilizers also flush out when you keep watering your plants. You may buy a water-soluble fertilizer and feed your potted plants once in a few weeks. You should also keep them clean and away from pets.


If you want healthy potted plants in your home, make sure to give them proper food, water and sunlight to grow up. Keep spraying insecticides on them and removing their dead leaves.


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