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Future is green: Nissan’s all-electric LEAF may provide relief to green commuters

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Making an official debut in Yokohama, Nissan’s much-awaited hatchback LEAF finally set the zero-emission field ablaze with its compact form. The company’s CEO, Carlos Ghosn, demoed the five-door vehicle, carrying the former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to the maiden drive on the stage itself.

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We celebrate today the start of a new chapter of our company’s life.

Ghosn is hopeful to mass-market the electric car in 2010 globally. A single charge could empower it for a 160 km ride at a top speed of 140 km/hour. Packed with an exemplary 24KWh Li-ion battery for a powerful AC motor, you’ll never see it craving for juice. Obviously, the charging may depend on the type of chargers in use. A standard household plug does it in 16 hours while the 3-phase charging station takes half an hour only. The compact hatchback has ample space to accommodate 4 to 5 adults. Capable of generating a whopping 90kW output, the Li-ion battery pack rests itself under its floor.
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Though Nissan prefers to keep mum on pricing, some silent projections still portend that it will be in reach of an average customer. While helping you cut down on emissions, the dream car of green commuters may relieve them of the huge operating expenses as well.
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