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Factors to Consider When Choosing Moissanite Engagement Ring

Factors to Consider When Choosing Moissanite Engagement Ring

Are you planning on buying an engagement ring but on a shoestring budget? It’d be best to consider moissanite rings. Unlike diamonds, they are relatively cheaper and ethical. Moissanite is a product of silicon and carbon made under high pressure and heat. The moissanite rings are also easy to maintain and equally outstanding, besides being hard enough at 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness. However, you must carefully choose the ring to get the right one because they vary. Below are the essential factors worth considering. 

1. Cut

Moissanite rings are cut in different shapes, which highlight their brilliance. Different cuts include oval, square, pear, cushion, and emerald. The moissanite cuts also fit different designs and outfits. Therefore, it’d be best to consider this factor to get a brilliant moissanite engagement ring that fits your spouse’s style. Choosing a specific cut, like an oval Moissanite ring, would be best because of its casual elegance and modern outlook.

2. Carat size

The carat size is also essential because it determines the weight of the engagement ring. Heavy engagement can alter your spouse’s life because they will have to remove at some point. Unfortunately, the ring can be misplaced by being removed. Therefore, you should ask about a size chart and check the right carat size that your spouse will be comfortable with.

3. Color

The point of engagement is expressing your love hence the need to consider the best color. These rings come in different colors ranging from clear to colored. They are measured on a DK color scale ranging from D to K. Moisannite can come in shades ofcolors, clear or fancy ones. When choosing, selecting the fancy colored ones that are elegant and the way to express your feelings is best.

4. Clarity

The clarity of moissanite indicates the number of imperfections known as inclusion. Note that all gemstones contain inclusion, but you will need intense magnification to see them in a good quality moissanite. Such moissanite will give an engagement ring exceptional beauty that will sparkle for a long. You should check the available types to determine the one with the best clarity.

5. Size

You need a ring that fits your finger or your spouse’s. You have an option of checking the size on the size chart that a reputable seller will provide. Alternatively, you can measure the size before ordering the ring. To do so, you will wrap a piece of paper or a string around the finger’s base and mark where the ends meet. You will then use a millimeter ruler then divide the findings with Pi (3.41). The figure you get will be the suitable diameter. Note that the right size is important to avoid loss.

Engagement is an important milestone in your relationship hence the need for a perfect ring to mark it. Depending on your budget or personal preference, you can buy different rings for yourself or your spouse. However, moissanite ones are arguably the best because of their price, ease of maintenance, and strength. But, to get the right one, you must consider factors such as the cut to get stylish ones like an oval Moissanite ring that will express your love.

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