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Emergency DIY period kit for teenage girls

A girl matures at a very early age; when we talk about maturity in this context, we are referring to the body changes that happen every month. At a very early age, a girl’s body starts changing in the form of her monthly cycle. This transition AKA puberty takes her from being just a girl to the journey of being a woman. The monthly cycle fluctuates depending on various factors.

Some girls get their periods on time while some have problems.  Whether it is a girl or a woman, we can never say when there is an emergency. There are times when this may come early while sometimes it can be late. Whatever the case may be; being prepared for it is very important.

It can be very embarrassing if somebody comes up to your teenager and tells her there is a spot on your dress. Often while in school or college, they are also victims of nasty comments and statements. Being ridiculed for something like this can make a girl feel negative. To prevent such things, one of the best things to do is have a DIY emergency period kit in her backpack or locker. Let us check out what all should be there in her kit.

Tampons /Sanitary napkins and panty liners


Every girl should carry this obvious thing in her bag. Panty liners are important especially when she starts to notice that her days are nearing. These are a good option for the start and give her time to change just in case the flow starts increasing.

Baby wipes

When your teenager is in school, it is natural that she will not be in a position to freshen up completely. Well, she can still do the same with a few wet wipes or baby wipes. This is a good alternative especially if she cannot have a shower but want to freshen up.

A small deodorant


Some girls can start sweating a lot just before her cycle starts. Keeping a deodorant in her bag is always a good idea. When her days are approaching, sometimes the odor can be very strong. In such cases, the deodorant can help her to smell good at all times.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This works miracles if you want to take out the stains before they set in deep. You can keep a small spray bottle or wipes in the bag. Just in case there is a stain, she can immediately wash it off in cold water.

An extra change of clothes


Another very important thing, keeping an extra change of clothes is important. You can include a pair of undergarments, a dark-colored top and pant/skirt. It is also advisable to keep a small pair of shorts that she can wear inside just in case you are keeping a skirt or dress in her bag. You also have disposable undergarments available in the market. It would be a good idea to keep a pair of those for an emergency.

Loose change for vending machines

Some schools and colleges have vending machines inside the girl’s bathroom. These machines have a variety of menstrual products. If your teenager goes to such a school, let her keep some loose change. This way she can buy a napkin immediately and use it.



The first day of her periods can be very painful. There are times when some girls cannot get up from the bed because of the pain. Just in case she gets her days when she is in school, having a few off the counter painkillers can help her pull throughout the day.

Hair ties and clips

Girls can get very irritated to even the smallest things during her days. Keeping a few hair ties and clips may not sound like an EMERGENCY for say, but it does help. It does help to pull your hair up when your days start to reduce the irritation.

Dark chocolate / Mints

Dark chocolate

Did you know that sometimes eating a little dark chocolate can help reduce the pain in the body? Chocolates overall are the best ways to feel good. Munching on a little dark chocolate can help your teenager a lot. You can also consider keeping some mints or candies in her bag.

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