Eco friendly living rooms

Eco friendly living rooms

Living rooms are where the whole family gathers and relaxes and shares the events of the day. Find out how you can make this experience an eco-friendly one and add an eco-friendly theme to the room.

 1.    Use the old as new

If you are thinking to get rid of old bookshelves or have planned to send them to the landfill, reconsider. Use some creativity and give them a facelift with new glass ,front doors on the upper shelves and solid doors on the bottom cabinet instead. Armchairs and an upholstered ottoman for curling up your feet and reading a good book will be a nice touch as well.


2.    Use Eco-Friendly Furniture

An ottoman is a stylish and eco-friendly furniture which is popular among the eco-friendly folks. They are preferred for their versatility and environmental friendly materials. Ottomans are generally made from certified sustainable wood and recycled metal springs.


3.    Choosing Paint

Choose a paint that contains zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  These chemicals give paint an odor and is toxic.  Get rid of high VOC paints and look for eco-friendly paint.

4.    Eco-friendly walls

Instead of painting your walls, add some texture, use clay plasters and natural pigments for the purpose . It will cost you the same as the wallpaper and will keep away dust and pollen from your room, giving a fresh air.


6.    Reuse old wood

Rustic is in and if you belong to the club, then  you can use salvaged wood to make your home reflect an eco-friendly theme. You can reuse the same reclaimed timber that you have in your present furniture that you want to get rid of.


7.    Recycle Your Old Furniture

This will not cost you anything, almost. Use the same armchairs, or old sofa, but revamp and use them all in the new living room. Recycling room with old furniture is not only a cost-effective and economical method, but also cuts down on the waste and landfill.


10.  Carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs can change the entire look of your room and glam it up instantly. For people with kids around, they are a must. Carpets not only keep the feet warm they also serve as a soft spot for the kids to have fun and play. While choosing carpets and rugs, go for the ones which are made from renewable resources, like corn sugar.

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