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Eco-friendly brands that have been on celeb radar this year

MV Organic Skincare

If you think that only common people care for the environment and have been trying to keep it safe and secure, then you need to look at some such celebrities who are also passionate about adopting eco-friendly ways of living. While there are several international brands that these celebs adore, we will try to check out some top green brands of this year that are the favorites of socialites.

The need for eco-friendly fashion

Fashion is a critical part of the lives of celebrities who always need to look presentable and stylish on various fronts. However, there are many celebs that are also conscious about using a variety of beauty and fashion products containing harmful chemicals. Thus, they strive to find greener options for their skin and body. Since they also love Mother Nature, they look for sustainable products that are safe to use from an environmental perspective. It is a great step toward the betterment of our planet.

Celebs who adore green

There are many of your favorite stars who appreciate the green of eco-friendliness. They not only love to do charities for environmental causes, but also try to live as naturally as possible. From beauty products to designer clothing, such celebs keep finding greener options in all fashion categories. One of the famous celebrities is singer Jack Johnson who has been taking steps toward ocean conservation. To support this cause, he travels in a biodiesel bus only.

Similarly, actor Drew Barrymore and Emma Watson have launched their own lines of eco-friendly cosmetics. She only uses botanical-infused items as ingredients in her cosmetics. Actor Penelope Cruz has gone to the extent of using a green hybrid car as her fashion statement. Other celebs in this list include Gisele Bundchen, Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon.

Most-loved eco-friendly fashion brands

Celebrities usually have their own favorite brands, even if they are using green products. Still, there are several common brands that are adored by many celebs. Find out about some of these popular brands here.

  1. John Masters Organics

This eco-friendly beauty products brand is the favorite of Rosario Dawson who has been working on recycling projects. She loves this brand because of its green ingredients and fragrances, as well as its cost-effective rates.

  1. Kora Organics

Celeb Miranda Kerr is in love with this brand that is close to nature. The skin products from this brand are certified for being organic.

  1. Juice Beauty

The brand is highly recommended by Alicia Silverstone who is very serious about going green with a variety of fashion and beauty products. She is not only fond of Juice Beauty makeup and skin care line, but she has also started her own line of green makeup tools.

  1. MV Organic Skincare

This skincare product brand is the favorite of many celebs, including Maggie Gyllenhaal, Emma Watson, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. These celebs recommend this brand because of its complete safety assurance for the environment.

  1. Dr. Hauschka

The entire green beauty product line from Dr. Hauschka is appreciated by the popular actor, Julia Roberts. Its soothing Rose Day Cream is her favorite. All product ingredients are harvested and grown biodynamically. Even the preservatives in these products are botanical and contain no chemicals at all.

  1. Sejaa Pure Skincare

The product line has been launched by the supermodel Bundchen who is also the UNEP’s goodwill ambassador. The green beauty products from this brand are made of all-natural ingredients. The manufacturing process is also non-polluting and safe for the environment.

  1. Aveda

While this non-toxic beauty brand has been a choice of several celebrities, it is especially adored by the famous model, Menon. She loves all its makeup items, including natural eyeliners, organic coconut oil, and eye definers. She also appreciates the way these products are manufactured in a factory that runs on wind power.

Fashion and beauty products largely contribute to pollute the environment and to damage your skin. Thus, it is essential that even fashion-conscious celebs turn toward non-toxic product options. There are many eco-friendly celebs that have started using greener products and have been recommending eco-friendly brands.

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