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Contour Clock:Changing your wall clock design every now and then

contour clock2

Wall clocks not only grabs an important place on your walls, but also dominates the walls for years, unless you think of giving them rest. But, Contour Clock is a time piece that takes a new look every time you want. The unique time piece is capable of taking new look with its shift in shape each time. It comprises 24 concentric sequential circular pipes that can be arranged by pushing and pulling them to give new shape each time. When the pipes are pushed inward, the clock appears like Roman Colloseum, and when pushed outwards each design speaks for its own beauty. The best part is their needles which can be bent and trimmed to match the shape of clock surface. This bizarre time piece offers numerous possibilities to see time in different ways and also wakes up the artist in you.

contour clock1
contour clock
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