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Clocks chiseled out of vinyl records

vinyl record clocks7

When it comes to giving new life to old things, people sure find a new way to do it. I know clocks made out of vinyl records is nothing new, but the way these clocks have been made is, I am sure you have not seen it. Pavel Sidorenko from Estonia, creates these unique clocks, Wall clock “RE_VINYL” by laser cutting recycled vinyl records into various shapes. It means every clock has been chiseled out to treat your visual senses. And, if you go by my word, every piece is a masterpiece, worth dying for and every piece is a limited addition.

vinyl record clocks1

vinyl record clocks2

vinyl record clocks3

vinyl record clocks4

vinyl record clocks5

vinyl record clocks6

vinyl record clocks8

vinyl record clocks9

vinyl record clocks10

Via: 1designperday

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