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Cineak introduces Grafton club chair and LaunchPort iPad charging mount

European-based custom electronics integration company Cineak manufacturers high quality luxury home theater seating and modular sofas. At ISE Expo 2013 in Amsterdam, Cineak exhibited its new home theater seat model along with the two new features. The new Grafton club chair combines avant-garde technology with the best in luxury materials and craftsmanship. The home theater chair has an ergonomically designed seat and backrest and comes with a motorized footrest. Most of CINEAK’s cutting-edge technology features will be available on this product.

One of the highlights of the design is a wooden design element on the armrests and back of the chair, which can be ordered in a range of standard wood types and colors. The Grafton will be sold as a stand-alone chair, loveseat or can be tailor-made in seating configurations sharing armrests. During the tradeshow, Cineak has also announced the new “Heat and Cooling ventilation” feature, which cools or heats up the home theater chairs. It helps distribute the air uniformly throughout the backrest and seat via perforations in the leather.

Also on exhibit by the family-owned firm is the LaunchPort, an iPad mount integrated in the cup holder. The iPort’s LaunchPort is positioned on a custom base in a way, so that there are is no visible wire clutter. The LaunchPort system comprises of a Sleeve and Stations. While a Sleeve is a case that fits onto your iPad, a Station is the mount and charging unit.

Other salient features of the Cineak home theater seating units include motorized articulating headrest, automatic recline/incline mechanisms and electronic lumbar support. Cineak also unveiled the Fortuny Luxury Edition seating at the show.




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