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Choosing the right bathroom lighting

One of the most essential parts of a home after the kitchen is the bathroom. Today, majority of people are conscious about their bathroom when they plan to decorate or renovate their homes. They spend quiet a lot of fortune on expensive bathroom fittings and fixtures. They apply different types of paints on the bathroom walls to achieve different effects. They even install costly flooring in their bathrooms. But, many of them forget one vital thing while decorating their bathroom. If there is no proper lighting in the bathroom, the decoration will not be able to exhibit the desired effect. Even the costliest of bathroom fittings will go unnoticed if the illuminations are not proper. But, it is always confusing as to how to light up a bathroom. Therefore, if you are planning to give your bathroom a makeover too and this article confuses you further, denoting bathroom lighting is also an integral part of this decoration, find the useful tips discussed here to get over your confusion and select the right lighting for your bathroom.

1. Know the mood you want to create

Decorating a bathroom is totally based on your personal preference. Even the mood you want to reflect is also dependent upon you. Therefore, understand your preferences. That will help you to decide the lighting arrangement that will be apt for your bathroom. But, while creating the right mood in your bathroom always ensure that the bathroom is not too brightly lit. That will make the ambiance too artificial. Again, making the bathroom too dim will make it difficult for you to access the different furniture and fixtures properly at night. There might even be increased chances of accidents in such a dimly lit bathroom.

2. Segregate the different zones

Before you install any light in your bathroom, make a rough outline of your bathroom, emphasizing on the intensity of natural light received in each of the sections, such as your bath area, the wash basin, the closet, etc. Always remember to do this mapping in the daytime when there is sunlight inside your bathroom. Your work will be easier. Now, denote each of the zones as the area with the maximum light received, the area where light is submerged, the zone that receives a slanted array of light, etc.

3. Recognize the different types of lights

The next step towards selecting the bathroom lighting is to know what the different types of bathroom lighting are. Some of the commonly used bathroom lighting is the ‘shower lights’, which always come with waterproof shields and are recessed in nature. Those which are meant to be set on the walls are bright and without any such shields. They cover greater surface areas. They are called ‘wall lights’. The ‘mirror lights’ are bright but they are focused and the direction of focus can also be regulated according to requirement. ‘Floor lights’ are simple illuminant that keeps the floor and the bath area dimly lit at nights. ‘Ambient lights’ are basically mood creators and come in various intensities of light imparted, styles and styles.

4. Install differential lighting in your bathroom

Since your bathroom might have a lot of expensive stuffs in it, it is quite evident that you will never like it if all those go unnoticed. Thus, it is very essential to go for a layered look in the bathroom and installing differential lighting. Such a scheme of lighting highlights the positive sides of your bathroom while concealing the negative ones. Since now you already know the areas that need less light and the ones more and also have an idea of the different types of lighting meant for the bathroom, your work will be easier. In order to highlight the bath and shower area, install a ‘Shower light’. The task lights or ‘Mirror lights’ around your mirror will look elegant. Install ‘Wall lights’ of different intensity to create the mood in your bathroom. You can further set LED ‘Floor lights’ on the floor or set ‘Ambient lights’ along the rim of your bathroom to create a magical atmosphere at night. Be sure enough to have separate switches with each of the lighting so that you can operate them as you wish.

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