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How to build a ‘cave house’

cave house

The fascination for such cave houses is mounting exponentially as people are going for man-made caves which are technically not the caves. In the present scenario, there are numberless experiments taking place to have spectacular views, modern amenities, and proper ventilation in their cave houses. Actually, people search for the soft rocks that are made of lime or sand stones and dug them up for designing a fabulous living space. They adorn it with modern conveniences and enjoy living in their deemed beautiful cozy home.

The following tips are useful for building a cave house:

1. Use cheap building material
Use derelict properties, wooden beams, recycled or existing building material to save the invested amount. Utilize reclaimed tiles and wood.

2. Illumination
You can use highly reflective material coated light shafts or light ducts to brighten your home. Use deep and wide shafts. Top the hollow core with the sunlight. Such arrangement amplifies the sunlight coming through the shaft.

3. Exposure to air
Ventilation is an imperative aspect which provides fresh air. You need to have specially designed aeration tubes. These ventilation tubes are designed to not let the moisture or rain inside the house. You can also use the design that is reflection coated so they can facilitate light as well.

4. Rooms of the cave houses
Such houses contain thermal insulation properties so geothermal heat resources are the best option for heating and cooling the room.

5. Fire resistant home
For the protection of your home, use selective building stuffs such as wood. Non-conductive materials will protect your home naturally.

6. Elegant windows and door
In addition to the illumination coming from shaft tubes, you can go for windows having reflective surfaces. It will incline the amount of light. Use the wood of fast growing pine tree for windows and door.

7. Power furnishing
Mostly, because of the location, such caves remain far from electric supply. Use solar energy panels, wind turbines, bio-fuel or diesel. The best alternative of power supply is solar energy panels. To arrange this system, you need to give a bit effort but this will aid to have an economic life.

8. Stabilize the level of humidity
Caves are moisturized naturally so to maintain the level of humidity, dehumidifier is a suitable option.

9. Best option to take shelter in wars
Caves are the best option to take refuge in war or blast. Caves are made of solid mass so it facilitates you safe and secure shelter from fallout or blast damage.

10. Amazingly efficient
Cave houses are naturally quiet and efficiently maintain the temperature. Such houses remains cool in summer and warm in winter. The only season in which it is not comparatively comfy, is rainy season which increases humidity. To control it, arrange dehumidifier alternatives

11. Water supply
If you do not have the facility of water bill then use the under ground natural springs for water supply.

12. Color of paint
Underground caves are not blessed with proper light so you need to use smart tricks to amplify the light. Do not use dark colors anywhere as they will absorb the sunlight and will reduce the brightness. Use light colors. It will reflect the light and will aid to illumination.

13. Amenities and Interiors
Uneven walls of the cave may create a challenge to decorate your home. It is not necessary to have flat walls. In such circumstances, you can hang mobiles instead of hanging the decorations.

14. Cover the stuffs
Cave houses are located underground so you can face some problems like falling rocks, sand, and dirt. Keep your stuffs covered; specially eatables and luxury items.

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