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Boy or girl: 10 Eminent gender selection technique

Jenny or Jonathan, this is a question that keeps on fluttering in the mind of an expecting mother and her spouse during the phase of her pregnancy. While some couples do not have any specific reservations regarding the gender of the yet to be born child, there are some who wish for a baby girl in particular or a baby boy specifically, whatever might be the cause. Although there have been quite a lot of discussions that aim at predetermining the sex of the yet to be born child, nothing much scientific and logical have come up yet. There are certain methods that expecting couples can try out to increase the probability of getting a baby of their preferred gender. Although they are not full proof but you can have a look.

1.The Chinese Gender Chart

Just as the Chinese have a calendar, a zodiac sign chart and a human nature prediction chart; they have a Gender selection chart too. Although this is highly unscientific and most people do not have faith on it, but there are still some couples who say that this really worked for them. The company also claims that this chart, which was discovered from the ancient Chinese tombs and renovated later on, gives 99% accuracy, although in practicality its success rate is only 50%, where the confusion basically lies. According to the chart, the birth of a baby boy or a baby girl is predetermined and set on the basis of each date. Analyzing the chart and noting the delivery date of a pregnant woman in correspondence, the sex of the would-be born baby can be predetermined.

2. Method of Dr. Landrum Shettles

Dr. Landrum Shettles had tried to bring forth a scientific method by which the couples can predetermine the sex of the fetus growing within their womb. He advocated that the sex of the baby depends on the time of ovulation of the woman and its connection to sexual intercourse. Parents seeking a boy must try to get into sexual intercourse closer to the period of the woman’s ovulation. Similarly, when the gap of ovulation with the sexual encounter of the couple is more, chances of delivering a daughter increase.

3. The diet technique

Medical science believes that there is a relation of a pregnant woman’s diet with the pH factor of her reproductive tract. The Y chromosome, which is responsible for the birth of a boy, prefers an alkaline environment. Likewise, the X chromosome, which is responsible for the birth of a baby girl, prefers an acidic ambiance. In case couples want a girl, the pregnant woman must eat more of calcium enriched food, such as dairy products, together with fishes and lettuce. But in case of a boy, the expecting mother’s diet should comprise of lots of proteins and sodium, like meat, eggs, etc.

4.The O+ 12 method

It must be noted that the method now being discussed is only meant for couples who wish to have a baby daughter. This method has a close relation to that of Dr. Shettles’. But there is a slight alteration. The expecting mother is supposed to wait for twelve hours after her ovulation gets completed and every sign of ovum inside her gets discharged. It is during this stage that she must go for a sexual encounter to have a baby girl. This method shows almost 70% success rate.

5.The method of Dr. Ronald Ericsson

This method, conceived by DR. Ronald Ericsson, is known as The Ericsson Method. This is basically a test tube method where the male semen is put inside a test tube containing water. The faster Y and slower X chromosomes gets separated and reaches two ends of the tube. Now, the desired chromosome is to be collected and injected into a feminine tract to get a boy or a girl, as the couple prefers.

6. Microsort method

Although this is an expensive method but it offers 80% success rate. It is a clinical method, where the semen is put into a rotator, which is allowed to spin. As a consequence, the X and Y chromosomes separate. One of the chromosomes is collected according to the baby gender specification of the couples and injected into the female tract.

7. Pre-implementation genetic diagnosis

This method of gender selection, which is commonly known as the PGD method, is banned in many of the countries. In this method, the zygotes of a woman are fertilized in a Petri dish. Then they are allowed to develop under close medical supervision. During this course, the doctors take out a single cell from each of the zygotes and tests for XX pairing and XY pairing. Finally, a particular chromosome is inseminated into the mother as per the couple’s gender specifications. If the mother at all gets pregnant and the embryo survives full term, the success rate is about 99%.

8.Smartstock method

This is a method developed by an American company, who has included together a lot of methods, considerations and criteria in order to achieve a full proof technique. The method includes diet, douching, administering of herbal supplements, etc. Together with this, they have also prompted that the pH factor of the feminine tract and the egg follicles get altered frequently, which has an effect on the gender of the yet to be born baby.

9. Selnas instrument

This sex determination instrument has been developed by Dr. Patrick Schoun. In the instrument eggs can be injected which alter charges and attract the X bearing gametes once and the Y bearing gametes in the next instance. The doctor developed a formula from this to charge the egg cells of a woman according to the preferred gender of her offspring.

10. Method of Dr. Eugen Jonas

This method is the most traditional form of sex determination of the would-be born fetus. Dr. Jones combined his knowledge of astrology in order to determine a woman’s period of fertility, the health of the child when it will be born and its gender. This is one of the most scientifically proved methods, with a success rate of 98%, as claimed by the doctor himself.

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