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5 Most stylish celebrity kids

People usually look up to celebrities to keep them updated about the latest fashion trends. But don’t just think that only the famous moms and dads have a sense of style. Their children are now the toast of media as they are showing some serious styles of their own.

This article will showcase the top 5 celebrity kids who are regarded as the most stylish among the elites of Hollywood.

1. Lourdes Leon

It is no surprise that Madonna’s daughter will feature right up in the list. She has a forward thinking fashion sense that is so evident from her outfits. The leather jackets and the off-the-shoulder tops with striped socks (knee length) are now become her trademark dresses. Lourdes loves to get noticed without courting any controversy. The most striking feature is that she dresses according to her age unlike other celebrity children.

2. Suri Cruise

The sense of style that she displays at this tender age has received much applause from everybody. Her mom, Katie Holmes, has said that Suri picks her own clothes according to her wishes. In other words, she knows what she is doing. She was reportedly wearing heels even before she could walk properly on her own. This cute celebrity has a classical look that sets her apart from the others. There is an element of playfulness in her eyes which adds to her personality.

3. Zahara Jolie-Pitt

When you have the world’s two biggest stars as your parents then you need to develop a style of your own; and Zahara Jolie-Pitt does not disappoint. The eldest child of the Jolie-Pitt family loves to wear black. She looks gorgeous in her stylish sunglasses and and accessories that will make you drool. Her scowl is now very popular with the paparazzi. Scribes have already started predicting that Zahara will sit in the front rows of New York fashion week in a few years time.

4. Jaden Smith

This is one cool guy! Jaden Smith knows the red carpet much better than the other celebrity kids of his age. His parents, Will and Jada, should be proud as their son has already won critical acclaims for his performances in films. His powerhouse performance in ‘Karate Kid’ has proved to his detractors, if any, that this kid can act. He has a style of his own sporting leather jackets to trendy eyewear.

5. Kingston Rossdale

This young man, one day, will be on the cover of GQ. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are raising a future heart-throb. He has a cool attitude and a keen fashion sense. No wonder, he is one of the most stylish kids around today. The chic shades and the cowboy boots has become his trademark You cannot miss the graphic tees that he always wears. Gwen must be complemented as it is very clear that she has put in extra efforts to ensure that her firstborn looks great whenever people see him. Of course, we are just eagerly waiting for him to grow up and scorch the fashion scene.

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