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Things to know about international adoption

Adoption can be intra-country or inter-country. In case of inter-country adoption, couples look forward to adopting children who belong to other countries. People seeking for international or inter country adoptions find the method a convenient way to go for an alternate family building procedure. But it must be remembered that international adoption consists of more hassles than domestic or intra-country adoption as the couples have to go through and abide by every minute details of the country’s rules and laws to which the child belongs. Moreover, it can be a costly affair too. Thus, if you are looking forward to go for international adoption, you must also be aware of certain unavoidable considerations. Have a look at some of these.

Know the countries that allow adoptions

You can have a preference of country while thinking to go for international adoption. But that does not mean that your wish is the ultimate. Countries change their rules and regulations from time to time. They even suspend the international adoption rights for certain times too. Therefore, before going any further it is your responsibility to search and enlist the names of the countries that are permitting international adoption at the current situation. You can only make a concrete decision after this. As for your reference, the countries that are open to international adoptions right at the current situation are China, Russia, Korea and Guatemala.

Get sufficient knowledge on the rules set by countries

Each country has a separate rule and code of conduct that is expected to follow and pass though if you want to adopt a baby from a foreign land. The adoption rules are not general in nature, so the restrictions and guidelines set by United States will not be same as that of Australia. Not only the rules, the couples wishing to go for adoption are also expected to pass through certain eligibility criteria beforehand. Once proven successful in such criteria, the couples are allowed to proceed further with the adoption procedure. These criteria are mostly based on some common guidelines like age of the couples, financial strength, marital status, number of children already existing if any, gender in cases of single parents, sources of income, etc. Have clear knowledge of all these factors before proceeding for international adoption.

Consider the cost of adoption

As already said, international adoption is always expensive as compared to domestic adoption. After you get approved for adoption, the whole process that will follow will take about twelve to eighteen months at the end of which you will be handed over your baby. But during this whole phase you need to make several visits to the country and pass each of the hurdles successfully. Thus, it is evident that you need to have enough money as well as time too, to afford visit a foreign country whenever you are called.

Traveling and attending rules differ

Just as the rules and the regulations of different countries differ, the nature of visiting the country from which you are willing to adopt a baby also differs a lot. While for some countries either of the parents are allowed to come and pass through the adoption procedures, there are some countries too who want both the parents to come and attend the numerous interviews related to the procedure. This second case adds more to the expensive nature of this sort of adoption. In course of activities both of you might also need to stay back for some time in that foreign land to fill up hundreds or forms and pass through thousands of questionnaires and legal proceedings. All these imply more and more drainage of money and you are expected to stay fully prepared for this. The best thing to do in this case is to get a prior knowledge of what is expected from you from the country of your child adoption. On the basis of that you can plan accordingly.

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