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Best Electrolux concepts of 2010


The year 2010 was marked in the name of Electrolux. Electrolux featured some of the best designs where we could foresee our futuristic home much more simplified. From preparing and storing food, washing clothes and dishes, every task is just the imagination of future. So, here is a roundup of some of the best designs of Electrolux that definitely deserves claps.

1) Bio Robot Refrigerator

bio robo
Designed by Yuriy Dmitriev, Bio Robot Refrigerator works on the principle of biopolymer. This biopolymer gel helps to keep all the food items cool through luminescence. The non-sticky gel surrounds the food and the strong surface tension of the gel helps to build separate pod for them. The fridge offers plenty of space to hold your eatables without mixing the odor. It is four times smaller than other fridge, and the volume is used as efficiently as possible.

2) Eco Cleaner
eco cleaner
One-of-its-kind dishwasher, Eco Cleaner not only cleans up the dishes, but also prepares meals for your plants. Designed by Ahi Andy Mohsen, the dishwasher utilizes the ultrasonic waves to ionize the food particles and then produces the gas that is sucked and transformed into soil. During Eco working cycle all food changes to useful by-product and the soil formed settles in the tank that can be used later to feed the plants. So, you don’t need to waste the food anymore, Eco Cleaner is all ready to turn it into healthy food for your plants.

3) Electrolux Alinea
alinea kitchen

Designed by Patrick Short, Alinea kitchen is designed keeping in view the problem of limited space in the urban living environment in the year 2050. The futuristic kitchen is capable of moving along the ceiling, this kitchen moves anywhere and takes up only little space to fit itself. It also gives the user access to sink, refrigeration unit and cooking surfaces. When not in use, Alinea gets back to the ceiling port where it recharges itself and also refresh the water, thus saving upon the space.

4) Elements Modular Kitchen
elements modular kitchen
Designed by Mathew Gilbride, this modular kitchen is sure to dominate the future with its modularity. It has all the appliances in the form of wall mounted modules. These appliances include fridge, air-conditioner, lighting and cooking modules and depending on the need, you can choose and add the modules. The integrated surface technology combines advanced solid state lighting, heating, cooling, solar collection and interface display capabilities into a single surface. All the surfaces can light up with any color and the vents on the surface provide air filtration and air conditioning functionality.

5) Food Symphony
A concept designed by team members of Chow Pei Huan, Ho Wen Chi, and Chua Kai Ren, it’s an ingenious concept to store your food. Food Symphony is the next fridge in your kitchen. The big box offers adjustable temperature settings in each of the individual storage units to keep the food fresh by sensing the integrity of the food. Thanks to its temperature zone which is featured in every drawer and adjusted with a finger that comes in each of the lid. The best part that is worth to mention is the Bacteria sensor that finds out the rotten stuff in the particular drawer and glows it red.

6) Morphware Plate
Designed by Nick Smigielski, Morphware is a concept design that transforms the plate into the design you wish for. Just like you place your CD in the drive, this device also features blank disc which when placed on the Morph Plate transforms into a new design. All you need to do is select the desired dishware style from touchscreen via Wi-Fi internet, or browse or download new dishware style, and the disc gets a magical form within fraction of seconds. Each style comes with different code, and this Morphware Plate rearranges the liquid piezoelectric polymer into the choice you have made.

7) Joy Concept
joy concept
Joy Concept is a smart technology that comes from the child brain of Ali (Jeff) Jafari. The device works on a technology known as Claytronic that makes use of particles called CATOMS to create magic never seen before. The smart work of Claytronic helps to create stack of plates on your demand, and turns them back into ashes when done. So, no more worries of buying of more plates for your parties and gatherings, simply place the order and the piles of plates are just in front of your eyes. You also have a reason to celebrate, as you’ll not have to clean up those messy dishes. Place them back on the Joy and the Joy will let you enJoy by turning theses plates into small particles.

8) Outdoor Refrigerator
external refrigerator nicolas hubert
Refrigerators are now going to take new turn by moving from indoors toward outdoors. In the near future, refrigerators will no longer be an appliance meant only for indoors, if Nicolas Hubert’s concept meets realism. Designed for outdoors, the idea is taken from the people of China, who believe in saving space and energy by keeping their fridges on the balcony. Thanks to its portable and small size, the fridge will find its place anywhere on the outside wall, saving upon your space. During winter, it is completely blessed with the cold temperature outside, and in summer the solar energy will take care of cooling the stuff.

9) Snail Heater concept
snail heater concept
Designed by Peter Alwin, Snail is a smart device that in the near future will let you heat and cook the food the way you like. The device sticks just like the snail to any of our utensils. Once glued to the pots or cups using magnetic induction, the Snail heats and cooks up the stuff without much of an effort. Thanks to its integrated sensors that sense the type of food to be heated, and accordingly takes care of the time and temperature within which the food will be prepared. Powered by high-density sugar crystal battery, this energy is converted from the sugar to heat the utensils conducting the magnetic induction process.

10) Dismount Washer

dismount washer
The small laundry by Lichen Guo takes clothes washing on to another level, on the wall. The Dismount Washer not only takes care of space but hygiene too. Your own personal laundry tub can be mounted on an energy stick. The washer uses high-pressure steam as a source of cleaning, giving you super clean clothes. It also features a touchscreen display, so that it is easy for you to navigate through the menus. So, all you singles, who do not have enough space to accommodate yourself, using this washer on the wall will take care of all your woes.

11) Delicious Wave Microwave
delicious wave microwave
Giving new meaning to the microwave is this Delicious Wave Microwave design by Kyu Hyun Lee & Hae Won Jo. Not only will this heating appliance heat up your food, but it also doubles as lamp, saving up the space that otherwise the microwave would have occupied. When not in use, it hangs above the dining table as an ambient light, and whenever you wish to dine on some hot meals, it can be pulled down to heat the food. So, if you are willing to have a hot breakfast when you get up from the bed, or a hot plate of dinner after the hectic schedule, simply set up an alarm by pushing down the handle.

12) Clean Closet

clean closet
Designed by Michael Edenius, Clean Closet is just a not a simple closet but a laundry too. This closet cleans your clothes as you hang your clothes in this closet. It will scan all the dirt, odor and impurities with its molecular technology without any use of water. So, say goodbye to your washing machines, laundry baskets and dry cabinets, this clean closet will do all the wonder for you.

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