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Barn Door Locks and More Underrated Interior Design Tips

Have you ever heard the saying, “love the life you live, live the life you love.” This was said by Bob Marley and should be something we all live by every day. We should try to find joy each day in one thing or another. It doesn’t have to be big. Small things can bring great happiness.

Think of your home as your castle, a place you spend a lot of time. It is so important that we enjoy the places we spend our time. It is one of the best feelings in the world to come home to a place that is truly your own and you love everything about. You want to be happy when you walk into your home. You want to feel safe and secure. A home is a place to unwind and refocus.

Speaking of loving the place you live, let’s talk interior. There are so many new ideas out there. Start looking on the Internet or in magazines. Make a binder and put your ideas into it. Figure out what you would need to create some of these ideas in your own home. Have you been keeping up with the latest trends in interior design? If not, that’s ok! We’ve got you covered.

As you may know, barn doors are becoming extremely popular in homes everywhere. They are a fresh take on a regular door. They are space-saving too as they do not open out, but slide along a metal frame. You do not have to worry about a chair or desk being in the way when you open a door. Along with the barn doors comes the barn door lock.

There are five barn door lock options

Tear Drop Latch

  1. Hook and Eye Latch
  2. Tear Drop Latch
  3. Barrel Slide Bolt
  4. Surface Mounted Side Bolt
  5. Cane Floor Bolt

Each lock offers a different benefit to you. You can choose to have them lock from both sides or just one. They can even be installed easily on your own. You can even choose from a variety of different finishes that look best in your home.

Living a great life is something we undeniably chase. We often do not always find the answer to this within ourselves. We find them more oftentimes than not, on the Internet. There is nothing wrong with that at all. There is inspiration everywhere just waiting to be absorbed. The Internet offers millions and millions of ideas, articles, programs, etc., for improving yourself and everything else in your life.

In the chaos of a pandemic, we are finding that we are spending more and more time at home. Why not create the safe space we need and love? Our home is supposed to represent us; it is intended to be turned from a house into a home. This is not done by simply living inside of it. You need to spice it up a bit.

This is when we should go all out in making our homes exactly how we deeply envision them to look. It doesn’t matter how other people feel about your interior design skills, it is your home, your castle.

Customizing Your Interior Design

Beautiful Farm House Double Barn Doors

Choosing a good color will be the center of everything else. This will decipher the furniture you use. Whether you want to go bold like yourself or all natural that is totally up to you and your taste. Go with what makes you happy and comfortable living in your space.

There are no rules in what can and cannot be done to your home. We all are living in the 21st century, but let’s be honest here, we don’t have to be. You can make your home as vintage and unique as you wish. Add a taste of who you are in your surroundings. Don’t be afraid to make it all your own. Really allow yourself to be creative and go all out.

It is so important to love the space you live in, especially if you are working from home. What surrounds you is what rests within you. Make your home as peaceful and homey as possible. Let your personality shine through in your castle.

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