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Unique and attractive ironing boards for contemporary homes

Ironing boards have become common in every household these days. These boards help iron your clothes quickly, and you can store them easily when not needed. If you are on the lookout for an ironing board for your home, here we have listed some of the most attractive and unique iron boards to help you based on your needs.

Magnetic Ironing Mat

You can make any metallic surface an iron board with this magnetic ironing mat. The mat clings to the metallic surface, allowing you to iron your clothes on it with ease. You can simply roll up the mat, hang it or store it in a bag after use. The magnetic ironing mat will be a great choice for those living in a small apartment.

Laundry Solutions by Westex Compact Ironing Board

This ironing board features a 13/36 inch frame, which makes it compact enough for those ultra-small spaces. It also comes with steel legs that are sturdy enough to balance heavy loads. Other features include a leg hocking system, adjustable height and extra space for hanging clothes.

Honey Can Do BRD 01435 Collapsible Tabletop Ironing Board

Honey Can Do BRD 01435 is a tabletop ironing board that can be for compact spaces in homes, offices, dorms, etc. The flat collapsible feature enables the board to be stored even in tiny spaces like in closets, under cars, under the beds and in cupboards. The foldable iron rest also helps in space conservation, making it easier for you to store the ironing board when not in use.

Household Essentials Fibertech Wide Top 4-Leg Mega Pressing Station Ironing Board

This ultra-comfortable ironing board comes with a heat resistant surface made of Fibertech. The heat resistant surface prevents burns on your clothing and the same from sticking onto the iron as well. It also comes with an iron rest, a hangar bar and four sturdy legs, along with leg locking facility for increased stability.

Iron Ease Pro Ironing Board

Iron Ease Pro ironing board features a rather unique shoulder wing design, along with an extra wide table for increased efficiency. The ironing board itself features multiple layers and a steel ironing mesh for safety and durability.

An ironing board is an essential item needed in every household. Available in different sizes and designs, modern ironing boards not just look unique but also are highly functional in use.


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