Are More People Starting To Trust In Science?

Are More People Starting To Trust In Science

Although it may seem unfounded, since its inception there has been a very evident rift between the public and science. The truth is, these tensions are natural. Typically, the things we don’t understand in life we tend to ignore, but science is a complicated area that is commanding us confront our own lack of understanding.

This is certainly true when looking at medical science. Over the years we have had to learn to accept what medical science tells us, and to confront the things that stand in the way of a healthy and long life. If we do not do this, then we risk not only our lives but the lives of those around us. This is what we are seeing right now, with the COVID-19 vaccinations causing a mass debate around the world.

The Rise in Trust

The battle between trust and independence has been ongoing for centuries, but it is fair to say in the last few years the majority of people have learned to trust. There has never been more of an emphasis on medical science and its benefits as there has been during the COVID-19 pandemic. During these last two years, the world has simultaneously fallen back onto science in order to keep themselves safe and healthy against a deadly disease. Globally, people who said that they trust scientists rose by nearly 10% after the first year of the pandemic.

In many ways, this could be due to another juxtaposition. We do not like acknowledging the hard truth that science analytically presents, but we are reliant on its solution to that same truth. A lot of people did not believe COVID-19 even existed, and yet when it came to the rollout of vaccines, the same people trusted in medical science’s ability to counteract the disease. They did not trust the science that it was actually happening, but trusted the science which prevented it just in case it was.

It’s a complex relationship but, for the most part, a positive one.

Whether We Like It or Not, Science Is Constantly Growing and Innovating

The truth is, we are dependent on science. In a digital world where false information is readily presented as truth, it is more important than ever to trust in science’s consistency and lack of prejudice. After all, it is only advancing. Since the pandemic started there have been many innovations of new ideas and evolutions of old ones, from smartphone connected cardiac tools to modern reinterpretations of ages-old devices, like self retaining medical retractors; science is always growing. With that growth comes more of a reason to trust in its ability. We can expect a lot of health support, far more than we ever have received before, if we learn to move our trust tune to science’s growth.

Whether people decide to forgo their inherent beliefs or not, all of us will still benefit from science’s truth and innovation. Whether it’s something as big as a pandemic or something as simple as a small wrist fracture, science will always be there to have our back. Trust or no trust.

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