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How to Amplify the Sound of Your Home Entertainment System

Saw a classic movie at home but thought that it lacked that amazing punch of a theater? Well, it could be sound that just wasn’t on high quality. The right sound experience is important when you are watching an audio video file and unless you have that sorted out, you might not get the best experience. So, if you have longed for perfect sound quality while watching a movie, read on; this would be music to your ears. Here are a few ways that can help you improve the sound of your home theatre:

Get your speakers to sound right:

This is the most important aspect of your sound experience, so you better get this right. Never make it a mix of old and new random speakers, they just do not gel and sound right. You need to understand that each speaker is a brand of its own and each holds a signature sound of its own. All of these speakers have a change in performance over time and the moment you have two differently aged speakers, you are going to listen to different effects at different times. This makes your hearing experience pathetic. Whereas matched speakers would give you added clarity and more precise sound. So, make sure you get the speakers paired right – rule number one.

Get a good subwoofer:

If you want the right depth and bass for your movie watching experience, well, all you need is a good subwoofer. When you see fireworks on your screen, you would hear fireworks at home too. Choose the right sub based on the space of your room and not on the sheer size of the subwoofer.

Center channel:

While the subwoofer takers all the bass and impact of sound in your living room, your center channel gives out close to 85% of a movie track. This is in the form of dialog and unless you get this right, you could be quite lost in a movie (unless it is a mime documentary). Big center channel will handle more bass and then you would have a better movie watching experience. So if you want to spend on a movie watching sound experience, spend on the center channel.

Pump up your receiver/amplifier:

If you are an action freak, you would want a good amplifier to give you premium sound power during the movies. You would get good sound quality with decent amplifiers and you do not have to follow wattage ratings to understand quality here too. Find out which receivers are the best in your budget and make sure you give them a listen before you make your buy.

Place it right:

You would never have the right sound in your living room unless you have placed it at the right spot. In case you have placed your speakers in the far end corners of the room or on your ceiling, there is going to be lesser impact of the sound. You should always judge the placement of your speakers on the proper seating position given. You should be in straight line of sound motion from the speakers so that you hear each crisp dialog clearly.

Get reflective surfaces soft:

Reverberation is the biggest attribute to good listening. You can see this clearly in concert halls or opera theatres. So, make sure you soften reflective surfaces; so that the sound travels to your faster and materials lying around absorb the lesser sound.


A simple bit of thinking can improve your hearing experience strongly. Make these simple changes to enjoy that classic movie a little better. If you are a movie buff, you must implement these ideas, no matter what it takes.

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