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Amazing new bike washing machine to keep you fit and wash your clothes

Washing clothes is a chore which nobody likes, which is why the washing machine was invented. It’s one of the most important inventions which help people keep their clothes clean in a really easy and convenient way.Housekeepers all over the world were relieved of washing up tons of clothes, and independent people who had no time have an alternative to wash their clothes anytime they want. But washing clothes in a machine has a few drawbacks. It robs one of the opportunity to stay fit with all the exercise from washing up. In fact, washing clothes can help you lose your belly fat. Another drawback is that a lot of electricity is consumed when washing machines are used. So some ingenious people have invented washing machines which are powered by the foot. One is a bike washing machine and the other one is powered by the foot.

Incredible bike washing machine

Incredible bike washing machine

Talk about innovation and this is one which has the potential to become great. We’re talking about the bike washing machine which has been developed by students in China. Washing clothes is a chore which is mundane and numbing. In fact, washing machines delivered us from one of the huge list of chores.

Now, the new invention can help to wash clothes and keep fit. This eco-friendly washing machineuses no electricity and runs on power of pedaling. The machine will work only if you pedal the bike. And as clothes just HAVE to be washed, then you have no option but to exercise.This non-electric washing machine is a wonderful option to stay fit and clean clothes. It’s called BiWa, the name given to it by the Chinese students who developed it.

BiWa conserves electricity and water too, apart from being an excellent fitness booster. It’s a great way to live a fit lifestyle and reduce your energy bills. Dalian Nationalities University situated in China has developed this unique bike.

How the bike powered washing machine works?

The bike washing machine is connected to cycle. The pedals help to rotate and spin the front wheel. The front wheel is actually the clothing drum. If there is any excess energy created by the biker’s burning calories, it is displayed on a screen. The screen also makes the biker/ clothes-washer aware of the wash cycle progress.

Who is this machine meant for?

Incredible-bike-washing-machineThe idea of this innovative bike washing machine, which is also a most ingenuous eco-friendly washing machine, is to make the whole family work off the calories while washing clothes. Your hubby and kids can burn off their excess energy too. This is the only time you’ll be glad of the unending energy of your kids, and they would be glad to help out in a chore too!

The benefit is for all the family members who want to be fit, but just don’t have the time. Now, there is no excuse not to exercise, with the bike washing machine. Being active while completing a household chore is a win-win situation for all.

College students also can benefit from this non-electric washing machine. They can wash their clothes and get a bit of exercise. Students get little exercise, between attending lectures and the large amount of time they have to sit and study.

The Drumi washing machine


It’s the cutest little washing machine we’ve ever seen. Apart from conserving water and energy, it conserves space too. It can fit in any corner of your bathroom. It needs just 10 liters of water, and no electricity at all. All the power it needs has to be generated by you, as it is a  foot-powered washing machine.

This machine cannot wash huge loads, but is enough to wash a few clothes every day. Especially the ones which have to be washed every day, such as your lingerie. The machine weighs 15 pounds and is just 22 inches tall. And it cleans 6-7 clothes or approximately 5 pounds weight of clothes in just 5 minutes. Incredible!

How the Drumi works?

To use the machine, you have to lift the lid (which is made of plastic). Put your clothes in and also pour 5 literswater. Add detergent and then pedal for about two minutes. Then pushing a button will empty all the soapy water. The next step is to pour another 5 liters water to the machine.  You have to pedal again for two minutes more, then push the button and release the water which was used to rinse the clothes. Pump for one more minute to turn the round drum, which tumbles the clothes inside.

Water savings using the Drumi


The Drumi cannot be a replacement for a regular washing machine, but it is certainly a very handy machine. This foot-powered washing machineuses very little water and electricity and cleans efficiently. It is for those people who want to multi-task. They can exercise and wash clothes at the same time.

The best thing is that it uses so little water. Regular machines use 27 gallons or 102 liters of water. An energy star machine uses 53 liter or 14 gallons of water. Compared to this, Drumi is certainly a most economical machine, in terms of water usage. You can use this amazing little washing machine as a secondary machine, and reduce your personal carbon footprint by at least 10 pounds per week.

And if you do not use an electric run clothes dryer, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint even more. Lining drying clothes in the sun is a simple and ecofriendly way to dry your clothes.

Who is this machine meant for?

The manufacturers are aiming apartment dwellers as well as new parents as their target market. Campers too might find this machine useful, as they can carry this machine conveniently on their trips. The machine is expected to be launched in the summer, and is priced very economically at $129 (if you pre-order).

Exercise is what we all need, and which we don’t usually find time for, while working at the office and at home. So, the eco-friendly washing machineand health friendly washing machines seem like a good investment. You can wash all the clothes which need to be washed with care like silks and woolens in this machine. Baby nappies, cashmere outfits, and knitted garments can be washed efficiently in these machines.


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