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Aboriginals switched global warming and eco-wreck on!


Though we knew it already sans facts, two researchers, namely Raymond Hames, a Nebraskan anthropologist, and Torben Rick, a Smithsonian archaeologist, carried out a joint research to attest our beliefs. It started from Australia where the indigenous tribes set jungles on fire to satisfy their food-related requirements. It goes the same for the early American hunter-gatherers. Along the Californian coastlines, they built dunes out of bones of red abalones.

With the passage of time, these dunes developed into bigger ones and they started piling trash on them. Rick highlights the otter bones killed to monopolize shellfish hunting. This led to the formation of “urchin barren,” because the food chain was disrupted. The research also highlights that human tried everything possible to make their life as comfortable as it could be and in the process, hurled irreparable loss on environment.

Via: Newspost Online

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