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A study on how do video games help kids to learn about empathy

When your child is young and little, being egocentric is in their natural behavior. Thinking about just themselves and their own needs are the things that become their most priority being young and reckless.  However, teaching kids about empathy is the most important thing that will not only help them in their present life but also will make their future secure. Teaching empathy to your kids will help them to build a secure life with others that will also help them in learning.  Kids love to do/play many things; in today’s times, one of the most common activity that many kids love is playing videogames. As much as there is a negative side to this, the positive aspect is that video games help kids learn about empathy. This is a true thing with just one question, how does video games boost empathy in kids’?

Video games to help kids to learn empathy

video games help kidsAs per the research and tests done by world – wide scientist and researchers, it is proved that there are many positive aspects of video games that teach your kids to learn pro social behavior in a greater level. Teaching kids’ empathy through video games can help in boosting their learning skills and change the neural connection present in brain.

According to the findings of the research, scientists has proclaimed that if a kid plays the right type of video games; they can enhance empathy resulting in the connectivity of the brain networks delivering a greater perspective.

Children and empathy goes hand in hand with children

Helping your child learning empathy will make a greater impact on them then being just helpful and the positive aspects of video games can do this. So, How does video games boost empathy in kids?

As per the research done in the University of Wisconsin, many specifically designed video games can help build empathy in your child. These kinds of video games have even showed alter neural function, which is mostly linked to the emotional regulation of your kid.

Teaching kids’ empathy through video games will help your kid for generating empathy and as well as kindness.

Video games as the empathy savior:

video games help kidsThe uses of video games helps in training some of the skills that can are needed in the children life to understand the empathy and real emotions. Video games are also known for being the savior or the predictors of the emotional health and security of the child throughout its life time.

As concluded from the journal “Science of Learning”, children who have played such video games that help kids to learn about empathy have showed a higher level of connectivity with their brain tissues, after playing for just two weeks.

The needed test that was conducted to gain resulted:

In one of the study done by a few scientists, they assigned 150 students in a random manner that is also from the middle school and divided them into two groups. One of the groups form the 150 students were given to play an experimental game known as “Crystal of Kaydor”, which was made by the top team researchers in order to develop empathy in the children.

The second group of the students were given a easily available, a commercial game that helps in entertainment known as “Bastion” that does not helps in initiating empathy. After reading them and testing them for some time the team of the researchers found that the group one students showed a greater connection brain connection that results in empathy then the second group of the students.

Right choice of video game helps your kids to learn empathy easily:

video games help kidsAccording to the above stated experiment; the group who played “crystal of Kaydor” has resulted in the higher and strong neural connectivity in the key parts of the brain networks, allowing the brain to conduct the sympathy and emotions.

The result of producing empathy in the children:

The key of having an empathetic relationship with others is only through kindness, which is being taught to your child from the very beginning. If you encourage your child to become kind and empathetic that will help to bring out a positive impact on the children health, self esteem and as well as happiness.

In order to teach them kindness for being empathetic is through:

  • By showing kindness to your own child through some small and even big connections and ways
  • Explain the values and the need of being kind to your children. Teach them the real value of kindness and empathy.
  • Try to make the beauty of kindness clear to your children. Make them aware of the fact about the why’s, who’s and where’s of kindness to make them crystal clear.

Video games the best source of empathy:

video games help kidsA good source of video games always helps in maintaining the empathetic level of your child during his growing days. Playing video games with good emotional resonance, helps in obtaining a functional magnetic resonance.

The brain scans and test made the tangled question of video games being the key of improving the empathetic relationship was solved. So, you know now that video games help kids to learn about empathy.

Now when your kids make amends and cry in order to play a video game and show much interest in crashing a virtual plan then playing outside, help them to choose the video game and if happen play along with them. The source will help them to learn empathy and will make your bond even stronger.

The conclusion:

When you sought at your kids for playing video games to learn things, think in the brighter side and then help them to learn through it. You cannot stop a kid to play video game but you can change the advantage of the play in to your child’s help by providing them the right video game that will help them.

Scientists and researchers have made their point in proving that video games help kids to learn about empathy by giving out many examples and laying out experiments. It is important for your child and his or her futures to learn about being in an empathetic relationship and to show kindness towards others keeping your alter ego and self needs aside.

Learning to love and understand other people need and wants also helps your kids to learn better and understand a better life.


Dr Prem Jagyasi (c)

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