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7 Ways To Successfully Move On From Rejection

Rejection hurts. No one can deny that. Actually, rejection might feel like a fatal stab to a lot of people who aren’t used to being rejected. Of course, rejection is a negative thing to deal with. But sooner or later in life, we all face it. Be it a breakup, or not being to able to get into your preferred college or job – rejection breaks us all apart at some point in life. Most of us move on from rejection after a while. But there are people who might get stuck in the vicious abyss of rejection and depression. To avoid being pushed down the drain due to rejection, read the numerous ways listed below.

It is normal to feel hurt

It is normal to feel hurt

If you are expecting to shake off rejection like some dirt from the collar of your shirt, you are mistaken. Rejection is a sharp prick, that is bound to hurt to for some time. Because our ego is fragile and self-esteem is a delicate thing, being rejected will hurt like nothing else in the world. However, brushing off the feelings associated with rejection will cause further damage.

It is important to understand that feeling hurt post-rejection is part of healing process. Don’t ignore the pain that accompanies rejection from anyone or anything. In fact, embracing the pain might help you get to the root cause of it and heal it completely.

Don’t repress your emotions

If you feel dejected, say it

If you are someone who has been culturally or emotionally doctrined from the start to not exhibit your emotions or feelings over anything, you might suffer the most while being rejected, post rejection, and even when you try to move on from rejection. If you think that suppressing or repressing your emotions will close the matter at hand for once and for all, you are wrong.

By maintaining your stiff upper lip over rejection, you are actually worsening the wound. Don’t stay quiet. If you feel dejected, say it. If you are upset, or in pain – say it. If rejection angers you, say it. Talk it out. Pour out your emotions. Don’t keep them stuffed inside. Because you know how earthquakes and volcanoes occur, right?

Don’t lash out at others

Don’t lash out at others

While expressing your emotions is a great way to move on from rejection, know that there is a thin line between expression and aggression. You might feel the urge to lash out at your loved ones. But understand that the root cause of this anger is your fragile ego, which is now aghast at rejection.

So, when you are trying to move on from rejection, keep your anger in check. It is normal to feel hurt and pain over it, but projecting the anger onto others is a terrible way to deal with rejection. Instead, try to step back and look at the picture objectively. If you feel that your judgment is being clouded, sleep on your emotions for a few days. Nothing good ever came out of acting in anger and haste.

Spend time with your loved ones

Spend time with your loved ones

Being rejected can often isolate people to a great extent. When your self esteem and self confidence takes a hit, you feel unequipped to socialize with your loved ones. But when you want to move on from rejection, communicating with your loved ones is one of the first things you should do.

In fact, your loved ones will be more than happy to listen to your woes and lift you out of this dull situation. Do not isolate yourself. Spend time with your loved ones. Hang out with your friends. Go to a party or on a simple dinner. Give yourself a break. Treat yourself to a change of scenario where you are not reminded of your rejection.

Remember, man is a social animal. The more you will pour your heart out in front of your loved ones and distract yourself from the memory of the rejection, the better you will feel about yourself.

Don’t take it personally

intense breakup

A lot of people take rejection personally. Especially when they go through an intense breakup, people might think to themselves – I was rejected because I am ugly, or fat, or unattractive. But it is important to look at rejection objectively. To move on from rejection, understand that perhaps what you offered to the other person wasn’t attractive or appealing enough. But that doesn’t mean that you are at fault or you lack anything.

In fact, maybe you were offering the right thing to the wrong person. Or perhaps, the timing wasn’t right. Whatever the case, know that there is someone or something out there who needs just what you have in store. Rejection is hard, but if you will take it personally, you are only unnecessarily wounding your own self-confidence.

Recognize your positive traits

Master that skill which can earn you profitability

To successfully move on from rejection, recognize your positive traits and work on enhancing them. You were most likely rejected because the person opposite you saw a quality he/she didn’t like. That doesn’t mean that you are devoid of any positive qualities. So, instead of focusing on the negative traits, some of which you might have no control over – focus on what makes you stand out in the crowd.

Also, work on polishing your already existing positive traits. Become an expert at what are good at. Master that skill which can earn you profitability in the long run. Keep on growing and improving. And in no time, you will be getting over that terrible memory of rejection.

Time heals everything

socialize with your loved ones,

Time is a great healer. Give the sour moment of rejection some time. Slowly, but definitely, you will efficiently move on from rejection. While you work at developing your skill set, socialize with your loved ones, express and analyze your emotions and put a leash on aggression, time will work in the background to erase the bitter feelings associated with the ill-fated moment.

Rejection isn’t the end of life. In fact, failure is the stepping stone to success. Look at rejection as an opportunity to assess where you stand and plan your future course of action. This will enable you to not only move on from rejection, but also take away something great from this dull scenario.


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