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6 Things To Do If You Are Working During Pregnancy

In 2019, most of the feminine sex cannot afford to sit back and rest at home during pregnancy. Granted, all the developed and many developing countries in the world offer six-eight weeks of maternity leave to expecting women, the first and the second trimester is something that has to be juggled with a job. And while the sore legs and the fluctuating temperatures can drive away the productivity of pregnant women, working during pregnancy is not an insurmountable task. Just make small adjustments or changes in your workplace and work patterns. Here’s how.

Give your legs a little rest

Give your legs a little rest

Sore legs will be your unwanted companion for most of your pregnancy. And if you have a sedentary job, your legs will experience cramps and sores more often. But, you do not need to lose your patience. Just elevate your feet to a comfortable position.

If your workplace allows you to (most workplaces won’t), try to rest your legs on your desk for a while. If that seems impossible, look for a sturdy object – such as a waste bin or a carton to provide that elevation for your sore legs.

You can also ask your employer or company manager to arrange a footrest for you. Most companies have policies in place for providing a comfortable workplace for pregnant women. So, leave that awkwardness behind and just go for it.

Also, leave those high heels locked in your shoe-shelf and switch them for comfortable flats.

Don’t try to control your bladder

Your uterus will place a lot of pressure on your bladder time and again. And if you are working during pregnancy, you might be either controlling your bladder out of embarrassment of heading to the ladies’ room over and over again or trying to work uncomfortably every single day.

But, you must relieve your bladder at least every 60 minutes while you are at work. Peeing every hour will only leave you fresh and comfortable – allowing you to go about your daily tasks in the office.

Not only that, relieving yourself every hour will also give you relief from that shifty moves you make in the meeting room when you are dying to go to the restroom.

Get a comfortable chair for yourself

Get a comfortable chair for yourself

Working during pregnancy is no easy task. Not especially when it comes to fitting comfortably into the chair which you once loved. You will find that your work chair cannot accommodate your growing pregnant body. But that doesn’t mean that you have to quit your job. Just make some adjustments to your chair, and you are sorted!

For your backaches and butt aches – which will be aplenty during your pregnancy – buy a soft cushion and place it on your chair. Most offices have a reclining chair for their employees. If you too sit on a reclining chair, now’s the time to test its flexibility and seek comfort.

You can also ask your manager or your boss to arrange for a reclining chair for you in case you don’t already have one. Sitting comfortably while working during pregnancy is of utmost importance. So, do it right. But, don’t do too much of it.

But don’t always be on your feet

Of course, a majority of people – especially women – are tied up in sedentary jobs. But, every now and then, you will find a pregnant woman with a job that always keeps her on her feet. If you are one of these women, now is the time to look for some good seating options.

Try to see if there are some tasks in your job which you can accomplish while being seated. If there is no option, leaning back against a plain wall will also do the trick for a while.

Also, make sure to wear sturdy, yet comfortable shoes at work. And if you can, talk to your boss about finding some seating arrangement for you. Working during pregnancy works a little differently. But be confident and ask for what you need.

Take regular walks during the working hours

Take regular walks during the working hours

Sitting is good – especially when you are pregnant. But, too much sedentary attitude will decrease the blood circulation in your body, your legs will start to ache and sore, and you will lose out on your productivity levels.

So, every once in a while during your work hours, get up and walk a little. Take a small walk around your office every half an hour or so. Find a reason or an excuse to do so if you generally aren’t the walking type.

Remember, too much of anything is never good for your pregnant self. Too much sitting will harm your health, and so will too much of walking and standing…

Clothe yourself well to battle fluctuating body temperatures

If you are expecting for the first time, no one will tell you about how much your body temperatures are about to fluctuate in the next nine months! It could be freezing cold outside, but you might sweat tremendously. It might be scorching hot outside, but you might tremble with cold.

To combat these surprising fluctuating temperatures due to the changing hormones in your pregnant body, you must dress smartly. The best idea is to go for layers. If it is cold outside and you plan to wear a turtleneck to work, make sure that you are wearing a light t-shirt inside.

So, if you suddenly start feeling hot, you can just do away with the turtleneck without embarrassing yourself. Alternatively, if it is hot outside and you are wearing a simple t-shirt to work, don’t forget to pack a sweater in your bag with you. Who knows when you might need it?

Working during pregnancy might sound highly complicated. So much so, that most of us would not prefer for that fate to befall us. But if this is inevitable, and you must head to work with your growing belly – be sure to do it right. Keep everything as simple as possible. Take as little stress as you can. And try to make your professional environment as conducive to your changing body as possible without letting it affect your productivity.


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