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7 Ways to have meals that are eco-friendly and healthy

With the green movement gaining a lot of momentum in recent years, a lot of households have opted to cook more eco-friendly meals. In addition to not harming the environment, these green meals would be healthier than the meals one normally cooks. However, not many are aware of how to go about the process of making their meals healthier and more eco-friendly. Here are some tips that would be of some help in this regard.

Buy locally grown foods

Opting for locally grown foods would enable you to contribute to the rise in local jobs in the community. It would also help you cut down on your carbon footprint related to the transportation of nonlocal foods. Locally grown food is healthier as well because it is fresher when compared to non-local foods which sometimes, need to travel many days before reaching the market.

Use only organic ingredients

Organic foods are the best and healthiest choice for homes due to the fact that they are grown naturally sans any artificial fertilizers, pesticides, ionizing modifications and genetic radiations. Organic foods also preserve the soil which would otherwise get saturated with these fertilizers and pesticides, thus contributing to environmental degradation. Many chefs also argue that organic foods fresher and much more delicious than their counterparts which usually leave an odd after taste in the mouth. Make it a point to check the labels on vegetables and fruits that you buy. Anything that has the number 9 on it is organic and would be the best choice for an eco-friendly meal.

Grow your ingredients in the backyard

One of the best ways to minimise your carbon footprint while cooking meals is to grow the ingredients for these meals in your backyard itself. Even a small vegetable and fruit garden in your backyard would do. In case you find it hard to develop a green thumb, consider joining a community garden near your home. Planting a small garden even inside your home is an option in case you live in an apartment. So try growing your own fruits and vegetables and prepare delicious meals every day while doing your bit to save the environment in the process.

Take your own shopping bags

If you prefer buying your ingredients instead, take your own shopping bags to the supermarket. This would help you refrain from choosing the store provided plastic bags that would probably rot away in a landfill for many years. Opt for reusable jute and canvas bags to make a difference.

Avoid over packaged items

Whenever possible, try choosing food items that come with minimal packaging. Opting for foods that come in eco-friendly packages can also be considered as a way to enjoy an eco-friendly meal. Also make it a point to buy in bulk so that you can reduce on the amount of packaging that comes with the foods.


Instead of throwing away old cans, plastic bottles, boxes and even glass jars, consider reusing them in your home. You can also arrange to have them recycled at local recycling centres, provided you take the extra effort to separate these items and place them in appropriate recycling bins while discarding them.


Cooking meals usually leads to leftovers like vegetable and fruit scraps, egg shells, pulp, coffee grounds and loose tea bags, etc. Instead of throwing away these leftovers, add them to a compost pile in your backyard. Composting will allow these waste materials to transform into nutrient rich fertilizers for the soil in your garden. This would, in turn, reduce your demand for synthetic alternatives that could harm the plants and cause environmental degradation as well. Making your own compost therefore, would offer you manifold benefits in terms of healthier crops and monetary gains (by selling these crops or the compost itself in local markets).

Healthy living entails you to follow eco-friendly tips for cooking your meals. Options like growing your own food, opting for locally grown foods and composting, etc. can help you make your recipes more eco-friendly.


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