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7 changes you will notice in yourself after becoming a father

Becoming a parent is a beauty in itself.  Any sane parent will second the fact that a child is God’s greatest gift that brings about the best in you. Everyone knows that becoming a mother is a process full of ups and downs with undeniable and selfless love for the child. Mostly, mothers are known to look after the needs of the child and participate in its upbringing actively. Having said that, almost nobody talks about the pains a man willingly takes in order to become a father.  Men looking forward to their first baby are rather nervous about the entire process and the changes that will follow since they doubt their own capabilities the most.

So, dear expecting fathers, the process isn’t as difficult as it seems. It is a rather beautiful journey with plenty of changes that will occur in yourselves once you become a father. Wasting no more time, grab a pen and paper and take notes!

  1. The rush of joy and optimism:


As mentioned before, becoming a father is an experience full of joy and happiness. You start being happier in general and therefore smile more often. Your overall physical health also gets better with time now that your mind is so calm and satisfied with the arrival of your baby.

  1. You become hardworking and responsible:

Supporting a new life is no joke. Parents need to work doubly hard in order to sustain their newly born kid. From hospital bills, medicines to diapers and clothes, all expenses need to be met. Also, the future of the baby must be secured at the earliest. The mother also needs to be looked after during the time she is recovering from childbirth. Owing to all these expectations, the father is now required to provide for the family. This makes the man more responsible and hardworking like never before.

  1. A boost of self-esteem:


A newborn little child that totally relies on you and trusts you with their life is reason enough to boost the morale of a new father. The loving smiles and happy laughter brings about a real change in him from where there is no looking back.

  1. You start taking better care of your health:

Now that you are required to provide for your family and your baby relies on you, you start becoming more careful as far as your health is concerned. You start eating healthy and working out more often. This is important because if your health faces a downhill, your family will come to a halt.

  1. Kindness towards kids and other people in general:


A soft, tiny, vulnerable human being in your arms will make you nothing but more sensitive towards other babies too. You start to understand the pains other parents go through to raise their child, and you can relate well to them. Also, you become more compassionate and loving to people in general. Your baby will be your source of kindness, patience, and understanding to others.

  1. You prefer your family over your personal time:

Of course, you now prefer spending your time with your wife and child over your buddies. You tend to embrace and enjoy the changes in yourself after your baby comes, and you want to encourage that new feeling in yourself. Night outs and boys’ trips don’t excite you anymore, but babies and their happy little smiles do.

  1. Increase in motivation and enthusiasm:

becoming a father.

A baby to care for and look after is a fact motivating and driving by itself. You want to provide the best for your baby. You want to be the best father ever. And you are well aware that all of this cannot be achieved if you spend the day pretty much whiling your time around. Even if you were a certified lazy one before your baby arrived, you won’t continue to do so, since your baby will be a source of inspiration and motivation for your years to come. 

These changes are bound to occur in every man’s life when he takes on the journey of fatherhood. No matter how carefree or adventurous a man may be, they take on their expected responsibilities very well, and so will you.

As underrated as it is, fatherhood is an element of surprise, with a few responsibilities coupled with plenty of fun and love. Look forward to welcoming your baby home, deal with the entire situation with plenty of love, care and patience, and things will definitely fall into place eventually.

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