5 Things Parents Should Talk About With Their Children Regularly While in College

College is such a remarkable place to be; it is where people create some of the most exceptional memories or unfortunately make some of the worst mistakes. There are lots of joys, and opportunities that await youngsters who are just about to start college or who are already transiting through the various levels of higher learning. As a parent who is definitely concerned about their child’s present conditions as well as the future, below are a few factors that you should regularly discuss with him, her, or them.

Drugs and substance abuse

substance abuse

The abuse of alcohol and drugs has brought many youngsters to their ruins. A simple visit to renowned recovery centres such as gives a clearer picture of how the struggle against drug and substance abuse is a cage that many are struggling to come out of. As a parent, always drive into useful drugs-related discussions with your beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen in college. Let them openly share their thoughts even as you advise them against falling into this deadly trap.

Time to learn and unlearn

Despite being associated with the hypes of life and too much fun, college time is that precious time wherein you should always encourage your children to learn or unlearn as much as they can. The former half entails habits and skills that will positively contribute to their future lives while the latter is detailed with patterns that can lead them astray. There is no opportunity that one can ever get to build on useful characters and skills as to what college life avails. Encourage them to take extra classes, pick up a sport they love; learn everything useful they land their hands-on because they would hardly get such opportunities post college.

Bad relationships


It is in college that  most vibrant and energetic youngsters tend to establish bad and abusive friendships and relationships, which can end up crippling their learning processes as well as damaging the other aspects of their social lives. As you continuously interact with your college boys and girls, discuss with them what entails good and bad relationships, and always advise them against harmful associations.

Money matters

Money can either be a blessing or a curse depending on how a given user handles it. As your youngsters scale through the various levels of college, always share with them the essence of responsibly managing cash as it will profoundly influence their present and future well-being. As much as they avoid frugality, they should equally embrace accountable spending and a robust saving culture.

Building bridges

College Girl

Finally, since college consists a better part of their careers’ foundations, teach them the essence of networking. They should not only focus on getting good grades and learning as much as they can but also building strong positive ties with various mentors and potential future associates. These are bridges they will need to cross over to multiple greener pastures when the right time finally dawns on them. 

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