5 Amazing gypsy cabins: Home on wheels!

Amazing gypsy cabins

The Gypsies have been using Caravans since 1850. They used to call it “Vardo” which came from the Iranian word “vurdon” meaning cart. The caravans were made of Oak, Elm, Walnut or Pine wood and were painted and decorated with gold leaves. Now, let’s check out 5 amazing gypsy cabins:

1. Daphne’s Caravans

Daphne’s Caravans are beautiful and large and can be used as a guest room, as playhouse for the kids, as a studio and as your garden shed. These caravans have wonderful work done on them with a good attention to the details. The setup is almost effortless which does not require unloading and repacking. The caravan is secure with a dry storage and display. Daphne’s wagon is fitted with a bed, a cushioned bench, a cupboard, some shelves and has good storage space under the bed and bench. A well balanced single axle makes it easy to tow. The total body length is of 13 ft, with the body taking up 8 ft. The ceiling height at peak is 6 ft, 3 in.

2. The American Gypsy Caravan

The American Gypsy Caravans are wonderful bow-top style trailers. You can build these caravans yourself. The American gypsy caravan is actually a modern version of the traditional Gypsy caravan. This caravan is an inexpensive and light-weight travel trailer which can be towed by a small car or a truck. The American Gypsy caravan can be used for re-enactments of different historic periods, like medieval, frontier, colonial and the Civil War with a real flavor for the original constructional style.

3. Gypsy Wagons by Jim Tolpin

Jim Tolpin has redesigned the traditional “Vardo” to withstand the rigors of the road. Jim designed these Vardos to be pulled by vehicles at high speeds, whereas the traditional ones were driven by horses. The Walls are made as plywood-skinned torsion boxes to withstand the wind stress. A single-axle wheel system is used to make these wagons lighter and easier to tow. The bow top roof is made by steam-bending strips of cedar. Nearly all the moldings and edge treatments are made by hand-tools and are very detailed.

4. Gypsy Trailers

The Gypsy Caravan is a mobile dwelling place which can also be used as an office, a reading area, a guest room or a music studio. The caravan is built on a powder coated trailer. It is equipped with brakes. The Gypsy Caravan is fully insulated and has heated floors. It is road tested and meets and exceeds the International Building Code. In order to control moisture, there is a cedar siding provided on top of the rain shield. On the inside of this caravan there is a tiny kitchen, a desk and a couch with a pull-out bed. Two electrical outlets are also provided.

5. Gypsy Wagons by Roths

Wally and Victoria Roth have made their life’s mission to recreate authentic gypsy caravans, being inspired by the Victorian era. There were a whole range of wagons in that era, from the ramshackle ones to the custom-made wagons. The wealthier people used the Reading wagon which were heavy and were mostly stationery. The bow-top wagon was more prevalent in the northern country where it was hillier. These wagons were light in weight and so could be easily pulled by horses. The Roths’ combined talents include horse carving, boat building, extensive woodworking, decorative painting and others. Beautiful decor of silk, satin and lace grace the interiors of the Gypsy Wagons. These beautiful wagons can be experienced as a romantic getaway, a studio, a space for meditation or simply an exquisite conversation piece.

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