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14 Ways of enjoying snow day as adults

It’s snowing heavily outside and you have to spend the day at home. Take this opportunity to take a break from your routine and enjoy the day. It can be a chance to do things together with your other half which could be quite fun and infuse your relationship with a new spark. Turn the cold winter day (or days) into a festive occasion and do something spontaneous. Be inspired by these ideas we have compiled for you to spend an adult snow day in the best way possible.

14 Ways of enjoying adult snow day

1.     Go through your photo albums

Go through your photo albums

Have fun flipping through your old albums, the best ones are the old fashioned types, with actual photos stuck in the album. It’s really fun to look at your relatives and friends and talk about them. You could look at your phone’s album too, and relive all the old memories.

2.     Make a snowman

Make a snowmanLet your inner child through and go out and make a snowman, or play with snow with your spouse. Snowball fights are pure fun and sharing this carefree experience together will make the bond between you stronger. A great idea for an adult snow day is to reconnect with yourself by as well as your loved one!

3.     Light a cozy fire in the fireplace

Light-a-cozy-fire-in-the-fireplace.Light a fire in the fireplace to dispel the gloom of a cold, winter day. Snuggle together by the fire in companionable silence, or talk about your dreams. Avoid all work talk and other topics which are stressful.

If you’re spending a snowy day on your own, what’s better than to catch up on your reading in the warm glow of the fire. One of the best ideas for adult snow day is to get a roaring fire in the fireplace, and bask in the warmth.

4.     Make some adult hot cocoa

hot chocolateRemember all those times when your mom made a steaming cup of hot chocolate for you? Brings back the memories doesn’t it? You can make hot chocolate for you or else make an adult version of it. Many people seem to like the taste of hot chocolate and Kahlua, Rumchata, Red wine with hot chocolate. Try your favorite liqueur with hot chocolate to get a nice buzz. Loads of marshmallows will make the drink extra fun and delicious. Another great way to enjoy with your spouse!

5.     Plan your next holiday

Plan your next holidayWhen it’s snowing outside, and you long for the sun and warmth, make plans to escape to your fantasy tropical destination. You can have a great time selecting the perfect destination. Planning your vacation will take your mind of the cold and the time will fly by.

6.     Teach the pet something new

Teach the pet something newYou’ve always wanted to teach a party trick to your pet but never had the time. Now, you have loads of time on your hands to do that.

7.     Dance

party with your spouseA perfect idea for an adult snow day is to have a party with your spouse. As you’re snowed in, no one else can join you, but it doesn’t mean you two can’t have fun. Put on some dancing music and dance the day away. Why not practice some ballroom dancing for a change? Or just let down your hair and make all the ridiculously crazy dance moves you can – pure unadulterated fun!

8.     Color together

diy craftUse the time to make all your holiday cards and personalized gifts for your friends and family. If you have an adult coloring book, color in it together. Or just use a pen and paper and doodle away. Try sketching each other – the results might turn out to be hilarious, if you’re not the arty type.

And if you’re good at drawing or sketching, make your spouse sit for you while you draw/paint their portrait. It will be a nice, romantic gesture and a wonderful way to utilize the time when it’s snowing outside.

9.     Have an elaborate candlelight dinner

elaborate candlelight dinnerWith both of you leading hectic lives, there’s little time to go out for fancy date. So just have a fancy candlelight dinner at home. Cook a nice meal, set the table with your best china, light the candles, light the candles and put on some romantic music. This is one of the best ways to enjoy with your spouse and will surely be a night to remember.

10.  Binge watch your favorite shows

Binge watch your favorite showsWhen you’re forced to stay inside, catch up on your favorite shows. You can watch all the episodes back to back and have a great time with huge bowls of popcorn! Watch your spouse’s favorite movie which he/she’s always talking about and score some brownie points.

11.  Play games

Play with the Playstation and let the adrenalin flow

An adult snow day which would be a nice distraction from the harsh cold outside is to play your favorite board games or cards. Put a romantic twist to the games to make it interesting. Play with the Playstation and let the adrenalin flow through your body. Days on which you don’t have any work to do are rare, so use them to rejuvenate yourself. Playing with your spouse will bring you closer to each other.

12.  Make a photo collage

Make a photo collage

Make a collage of your favorite photos, of snaps you clicked on your vacations, of all the good times you had. It’s a lovely way to spend adult snow day.

13.  Bake together

Bake togetherThe holiday season is on you and you’d have lots of family meals and get-togethers. Get your spouse to help you bake cookies, muffins and cakes which you can serve everyone or give people as gifts. Baking will fill your home with lovely aromas and turn your home into a cheerful, cozy space.

14.  Spa day

Spa day at homeHave a spa day at home, when you have lots of time on hand. Light incense and candles, put on some soothing music, and try out some homemade face packs, masks and lotions. It will save you lots of money and you will have a glowing skin at the end of the day.

Use these adult snow day ideas to have a great time when you’re snowed in. Take this as an opportunity to rekindle your relationship and put the spark back in it.


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