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10 Most Expensive Animals

For all the pet lovers around the globe here is a list of most precious pet animals. We all love our pets but most of us can not afford to pay such heavy price for them. Anyway these animals are price less, the point we are trying to make is the importance of such species as they are about to vanished from the face of the earth.

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#1 Green Monkey

Price– $16,000,000

This Green monkey is considered as the most expensive animal in the world. Its not a monkey as you see in the picture It’s a horse with the price of $16,000,000.approx It was purchased as a 2-year-old race horse at Calder Race Course by Demi O’Byrne. A descendant of two Kentucky Derby winners, the winner of the auction had high hopes for the young horse, but the Green Monkey flopped never won a race. The Green Monkey was officially retired on February 12, 2008 after failing to break his maiden in his three career starts.

#2 Missy

Price– $1,200,000

Miss Missy is a three year old black and white Holstein Cow. She currently holds the record for the most expensive cow ever sold in the world. She won the title of Grand Champion in the year 2009 at Western Fall National Show North America. Being the winner of one of the best cows show cows in the world made her a target for buyers. Missy was sold for $1.2 million in Ontario, Canada on November 11th, 2009.

#3 Tibetan Mastiff

Price– $582,000

  The Tibetan Mastiff  is considered to be the third most expensive pet in the world. The price on average is around $582,000. This is one of the big breeds of dogs around the world. The largest Tibetan Mastiffs can stand over 32 inches tall and the breed usually weighs above 150 lbs. This breed can be brown, black, grey or even in some rare instances, completely white. Unlike other dogs they do not have that upsetting odor that causes problem to dog owners. In both their native Tibet and the West, they have been respected as farm animal’s guardians and have even been reported to have killed tigers to protect their flock.

The Tibetan Mastiff known as “home guards” usual used as guardians of  herds and flocks the breed is considered as a super guard dogs. They are mostly kept in villages in the past to guard the whole village as they were allowed to go free at nights to watch over the strangers coming to village.

#4 Sir Lancelot Encore

Price – $155,000

The result of Dog-cloning the Florida couple Edgar and Nina Otto welcomed Lancelot back home just a year later. Lancelot Encore is made of the same DNA that their beloved dog Lancelot was. The couple lost their beloved dog Lancelot who died of cancer in 2008, They won a dog-cloning at Bio-Arts auction held in San Francisco with the impressive price tag of 155,000.

#5 White Lion Cubs

Price– $138,000

This is a  very rare breed of lions “The white lions” are rarely found in wildlife reserve in South Africa and are exceptional color transmutation of the Kruger breed of lions. White lions are not yet a separate subspecies and they have been declared to be home-grown to the Timbavati region of South Africa for centuries, According to Global White Lion Protection Trust estimate there are less than 300 White Lions world-wide. Otherwise it is hard to establish exactly how many white lions are left there today, because they are held in captive breeding and canned hunting operations.

#6 Stag Beetle

Price – $89,000

The strange beetle is known for its blood curling mandibles, antlers coming out of its head. The stag beetle is one of the 1200 insects in the Lucanidae family.. An average stag beetles are approximately 2-3 inches in length, but the one brought into a retailer was over 3 inches in length. The Japanese breeder sold his beetle for $89,000. He was paid  on the spot for this rare creature.

#7 Palm Cockatoo

Price– $16,000

It is a large smoky grey or black parrot of the cockatoo family. It is the only member in associate family and the only member of the monotypic species, Probosciger. The Palm Cockatoo is 55–60 cm (22–24 in) in length and weighs 910–1,200 g. The Palm Cockatoo was originally described in 1788 by German natural scientist Gmelin.. It is a unique bird with a large crest and has one of the largest bills of any parrots. The price of this palm cockatoo is generally $16,000.

#8 Hyacinth Macaw

Price– $14,000


It is the largest macaw and the largest flying parrot in the world. In terms of length it is larger than any other kinds of parrot. Hyacinth Macaw is a native to central and eastern South America. Its popularity as pets has taken a heavy toll on their population in the wild.

It has a strong beak for eating foods like the kernel of hard nuts and seeds. Their beaks are strong enough to crack coconuts; they also eat fruits and other vegetables. Pine nuts are also one of the most popular foods for Hyacinth Macaw. The price of this wonderful bird is $14,000.

#9 Toucan

Price – $5,000 to $10,000


The name of this bird group is derived from Tupi tucana in Portuguese. This wonderful bird is found in Southern Mexico, Central, South American, and Caribbean region. This bird ii related to the American bar bets. They have large and colorful bills and the family includes about forty different species.

This bird is with  short but strong legs, their toes are arranged in pairs with the first and fourth toes turned backward. their feathers are generally black, with white patches, yellow, and crimson. The under parts of their babies are yellow, crossed by one or more black or red bands. Its price falls between $5,000 to $10,000.

#10 De Brazza’s Monkey

Price– $7,000 to $10,000

  Locally known as swamp monkeys, they are often found in wetlands in Central Africa. They got their name from Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza was a French explorer. De Brazza’s is very difficult to find because of its good hiding abilities hence the data and information has not been found very easily, the actual species count are difficult to make. De Brazza’s Monkey lives for about 22 years. It is a shy, defensive monkey that lives in small social groups. It is found across the swamps, bamboo and dry mountain forests of Cameroon and other neighboring countries. The price of this beautiful animal is around $10,000.

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