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10 cool and artistic room dividers for contemporary homes

The room dividers are perhaps the best way to break up an open space with an artistic accent, as the conventional curtains are not enough to provide the element of privacy which we expect. Not only these room dividers are capable of separating your living space into distinct parts but also, they retain the natural light of the home. In this article, you will find some of the most artistic and innovative room dividers available in the market.

1. Wonderful Room Dividers from Armani Casa

In the furniture industry, Armani Casa is not a name than needs any sort of introduction. They have been in the market for decades and are known for their trendy yet elegant furniture designs and this room divider is no exception. The Tudor by Armani is an eye catching and sophisticated screen consisting of three panels of wood. These panels come up with geometric framework and are covered in gold leaf. It provides a perfect medium for differentiating one part of a room from the other one, and at the same time it does not compromise with the open look of the room.

2. Room Dividers Design Buzziscreen from Buzzispace

Sas Adriaenssens has been credited with the design of Buzziscreen, and this is made from revolutionary ecofelt with a recycled core. This room divider works and blends equally well with different sort of environments – be it the office or a small house interior design. It is lightweight and flexible, and has been designed in such a way that its size can be increased or decreased as per the requirements. This becomes possible because of the zip detail provided to it which allows extra panels to be added or removed easily.

3. Paesaggi Italiani Room Divider Systems

Paesaggi Italiani Room Divider Systems from Edra, is a perfect choice for those who prefer an interior decor that exudes a sense of leisure and oriental luxury. The way it blends the simplicity of geometry with utmost flexibility, is truly mesmerizing. A number of variations of this room divider in terms of color and size of the acrylic to the material used like aluminum and stainless steel, are available in the market to choose from.

4. Room Dividers Screens Design by Sang Hoon Kim

These contemporary room divider screens are the product of Keame Design Studio and is designed by Sang Hoom Kim. This room divider is based on the concept of light phenomenon and uses the movement of light inside the room in order to create beautiful illusions. This furniture is perhaps one of the most beautiful example of the combination of archtectural attitude and nature.

5. Chocolate Bamboo Room Divider

This one looks more like a dessert than a room divider, that is why it has been named as the ‘chocolate’ bamboo room divider. Vertical strips of bamboo are used for making this room divider and it has been designed in such a way that it compliments the contemporary home. This one is of great aid if you are looking for something to maximize a small space while still achieving some privacy.

6. Nextine Separatus

Wood paneling was very popular, back in the 70’s. The Nextine Separatus from Perry Perry follows the same trend as it has also been crafted using dark wood. A distinctive clock face on one of its sides is something which makes it stand out of the ordinary. Besides recreating a 70’s paneled effect, it also makes sure that the space in your living area is utilized in a better way.

7. DNA inspired Botany room divider

This room divider designed by Surya Graf, draws its inspiration from the molecular structure of the DNA. Some aspects of it even appears to be inspired from the plant forms. The end result of this blending of molecular structure of a DNA and the plant forms, is a room divider which perfectly enhances the opulence of your modern home. It comes in a black varnish finish and a clear natural finish, so it is totally up to you to decide which one will compliment your living room in a better way.

8. Room Divider and Sliding Panel Window

This range of creative and stylish looking room dividers are launched by Eclectics. The best thing about this contemporary and elegant room divider is that it can be used as a sliding panel window. Special emphasis has been laid on the design aspect which makes it appear more like a piece of art rather than room dividers. You can choose from a very large range of room dividers in terms of color and texture so that it compliments your living room in the best possible way.

9. CircleWall Home Decor Partition Design Ideas

The CircleWall Home Decor Partition has been designed by the furniture designer Ben Blanc. This room divider is made from chemical-free and recycled cardboard which makes it a perfect choice for the nature lovers. It is assembled without using any sort of tools or glue and this linking of individual pieces can result in a virtually limitless sized wall.. The cardboard used for making this divider can be recycled again.

10. Lightfacet divider by Bloomming

This Lightfacet dividers are launched by the furniture giant Bloomming. Like curtains, they also hang from the ceiling. The geometrical diamond shaped pieces are interlocked with each other, still, they are capable of rotating separately. This diamond shaped pattern plays with light and shadow in the room, thus producing an intriguing effect. Because of its modular construction, it is available in any size or shape.

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