13 best smart locks of all times

Replacement of the time-tested system for home security with a keyless door lock system is difficult to accept unless the advantages are great and equally or more reliable. You can change the configurations of these systems quite easily and sometimes without any expenditure. You can easily compare the situation with changing of the lost key for your lock. Or you can generate more keys as and when you require it. Your best smart locks can provide temporary access to teenagers and guests. Facility for recording the user’s trail is a common feature. Here we shall discuss about the specialty of existing smart locks for your guidance.

Some popular options of best smart locks

  1. August Smart lock:

    When it comes to picking the best smart locks few can beat August Smart Lock. Easy installation is an excellent feature of this keyless door lock system. It is battery operated. So you need to worry about the complicated wiring. You can keep the exterior hardware unaltered with only changing the deadbolts on the interior part of the door only. Moreover, the user receives a caution signal before the battery of the smart lock is exhausted. It is almost impossible to tamper the lock from outside since the lock is installed on the interior side. Moreover, you can open the door with an ordinary key when you forget to carry your phone with you. By sharing the locking codes you can allow any person to use the lock. Never forget to the code immediately after that.

  2. SchlageSense Smart lock:

    It is a simple, yet offers advanced features and good in quality. Both with Android and iOS operating system it is compatible giving more options to operate. With Siri voice control is a unique feature. You can fit this lock perfectly on any door unless it is a customized one. Tamper alarm is embedded in-built feature making it difficult for hacking by miscreants. A touchscreen display on the lock increases its durability over the locks with actual buttons.

    You can operate the lock with a backup key which is very helpful when you forget the passwords. Various warranties are accompanied with the purchase of the lock cost-effective and attractive. The company provides three-year electrical and lifetime mechanical warranty thereby confirms it as one of the best smart locks. The only disadvantage is that you cannot operate it from a far off place without an Apple TV remote.

  3. Samsung SHS P718:

    Samsung, the name itself ensures the quality and suitability of the product. This is also true in the case of smart locks also. The most attractive feature is the integration of it with other electronic security systems like sensors and a video camera. You can also check the list of visitors entered into the system during any specific period. By providing fingerprint access you can allow the guests and the kids to enter into your home. Designated pin, key fob, and authorized fingerprints are various modes of unlocking the system make it versatile. It really is one of the best smart locks although the price of the locks is high.

  4. SoHoMiLL YL 99:

    If you are not able to afford a smart lock for a price then you may try with a SoHoMill YL 99 door lock. With an affordable price it offers various good and effective features.  Maximum 10 codes can use for unlocking the lock. The master code with control over other passwords is one of them. The system is mechanically tough and more secure as it is made of heavy-duty metal. It is universal in use so you need not worry whether the doors are left hinged or right hinged. The lock is lacking Bluetooth connectivity and some other features making it less attractive.

  5. KwiksetKevo:

    When it is home security, the choice of touch to open Bluetooth smart lock may be a KwiksetKevo lock. It can be easily installed and calibration is not complicated. Use of physical key makes it simple for non-tech-savvy persons. Although it is suitable for long use the price makes it beyond reach for most.

  6. Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt:

    You can control the system by giving vocal orders since it is compatible with Amazon Alexa. The lock system can store amazingly over 250 pins. Even in the absence of an internet connection, the system works as you can unlock it with a traditional key. The high price is the only negative point.

  7. Danalock:

    It is aesthetically the best. The simple black design with unlimited e-keys makes it unparalleled. It can be operated by a traditional key, by touchpad or via Bluetooth and thereby you can provide access to many people. However, rotating the lock is not easy.

  8. Schlage Z-Wave:

    This slim keyless door lock is very useful with a built-in alarm system. It can be used in the car also. Z-Wave technology is used here giving an alternative to operate it through remote or sync it with other home monitoring system. However, the packing is not very good and with a quickly exhausting battery life.

  9. Ultraloq UL3:

    The user can operate the smart lock by fingerprint, smartphone, code or by traditional key. Even on the demand of the user, it can be operative by knocking the door. You can install this lock easily. Although the Bluetooth function needs improvement, Battery life and packaging are also satisfactory.

  10. Lockitron Bolt:

    If you may try this lock if you want a low-cost variety. It provides all the basic features of smart lock along with a scroll of all who visited your house. You may be skeptic about long term performance as the maker is new in the market.

  11. Samsung EZON locks:
    Samsung EZON locks

    The EZON locks are very convenient and user-friendly. They have a touchpad where you have to type the right 5-12 digit long password. It looks elegant and sleek. You will get a semiconductor key with it which you will have to touch to the reader for activating the lock. It has an anti-panic system and deadbolt system.

  12. Help Lock:
    Help Lock by Haishan Deng

    Designed by Haishan Deng, the Help Lock can save your life. People with emergency health conditions may use it to prevent bathroom accidents. You have to set a time for using the bathroom. The alarm in the lock goes off when the set amount of time period is over.

  13. Digital Home Door Lock:
    Digital Home Door Lock

    You can use the symbols and tiny pictures on this touch-enabled door lock to create unique passwords. The Digital Home Door Lock looks good and is easy to use.

Final words

Now the question would you really replace your existing security system with keyless door lock system. This is costly in comparison with the traditional metallic locks with keys. Although, in hotels where the loss of key is a regular phenomenon, one can compensate for the cost of smart locks by replacing old keys. But when you consider your home security as primary and the cost appears to be just then you may go either for SchlageSence smart lock or for August Smart Lock as your buy.

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