World's first remote control device to cure cancer with almost 100% precision

now cancer to be treated using remote control devi

Cancer, the excruciating killer disease, kills lakhs of people every year in the United States alone. The rise in the number of cancer cases have cost the country an all time high of $104 billion, the National Institutes of Health informed. Of all the cancers deaths, lung cancer remains the number 1 cause killing an estimated 160,400 people in 1997 itself!

Scientists all set to find an answer to this growing gruesome statistics of the disease’s spreading tentacles, thankfully have come up with yet another technological breakthrough in the treatment of cancer.

Thanks to Healthia SA. It has designed a unique technology — GEMM – already used successfully in Europe for treating terminal cancer patients.

With the use of the new technology, doctors can now intervene and modify cellular activities by controlling everything remotely. The technique applies specially modulated low power electromagnetic waves at the target molecules’ respective resonant frequency.

Optimistic with his invention, Seckiner Gorgun, MD said

GEMM is a revolutionary device capable of selectively initiating or blocking any targeted chemical reaction in the cell. It acts like a remote control by giving precise orders to normalize malfunctioning biological processes.

If you desire a magical disappearance of your cancer, this remote controlled mechanism seems to be the latest with almost 100 percent precise technology. But, all you have to do is to adhere to the therapy strictly.


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