Why Pregnant Women Should Use Essential Oils?

During pregnancy, it’s only natural that women become cautious and wary about their baby. They tend to question all sorts of products that they formerly used without second guessing them. One such product that women question is the usage of essential oils during their pregnancy.
Experts discourage the use of essential oils during the first trimester because there is a likelihood of uterine contractions and adverse effect on the development of your baby. Because these essential oils are the prime component used during the aromatherapy to relax muscles and aid in sleep, women have a hard time avoiding use for such a long period of time. However, not all essential oils are detrimental to your and your baby’s health. In fact, there are some oils that are beneficial for your body during the pregnancy. Essential oils, such as lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang are recommended by doctors during the second and third trimester.


Following are some of the benefits of using essential oils during pregnancy.


  • Relieves pains during the pregnancy:


Pregnant women are advised not to take any painkillers to avoid harming their baby’s health. Thus, to alleviate and ease their pain, they rely on aromatherapy. This is because these oils are generally free of any chemicals. You can take baths with essential oils that will ease your back pain and decrease the level of stress you are undergoing. However, the oil quantity should be half that of the normal quantity.


  • Prevents stretch marks from being formed:


Stretch marks are the cause over which almost every pregnant woman loses some sleep. A simple solution is mixing essential oils with carrier oils like almond and apricot and applying it to your skin. This hydrates the skin and repairs the damaged cells. However, you should avoid applying essential oils directly on the skin during the first trimester.


  • Induce labor by increased circulation:


Essential oils are often used to induce labor by increasing the blood circulation to the pelvic region as this prompts contractions. If you find yourself in immense pain and tension, spikenard essential oil can help relieve these symptoms. Lavender oil and primrose oil can also be applied on the skin above the womb to help with labor. You may want to continue using these oils even after the birth, as aromatherapy is beneficial to de-stress.


  • Helps with morning sickness:


Though doctors discourage aromatherapy during the first trimester, certain oils are safe to use even then. Peppermint oil can be mixed with tea to get rid of nausea. There are many readymade aromatherapies available in the market to avoid morning sickness. However, make certain that they are approved by your doctor.


  • Cures insomnia:


Pregnant women often suffer from lack of sleep. This could be due to the stress or the pain they are feeling. Pregnancy-safe essential oils like Gardenia oil, should be selected and filled in a diffuser, which will reduce stress and pain and eventually enable sleep.


These are some of the reasons as to why pregnant women should use essential oils. As long as they are approved for usage during pregnancy period, you and your baby will remain safe and healthy.

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