Weird but surprisingly efficient health tips from around the world

We have all heard those common remedies that everyone seems to know for certain health related ailments. However, there are some really weird remedies out there that actually work, or so the people who have tried them claim. Here are 7 such odd health tips that are popularly followed in specific places around the world.

Putting on a pair of wet socks to get rid of cold

wet socks

This odd remedy to treat common cold and flu involves first soaking your feet in hot water and then wearing a pair of socks over them. The catch here is that the socks need to be very thin and need to be dipped in very cold water as well as wrung out beforehand. This needs to be followed by another pair of dry socks worn over the wet pair. Many claim that this remedy helps increase blood circulation in your body as well as strengthen your immune system to the point that it can fight off the cold.

Wearing a dirty pair of socks around a sore throat

sore throat

This may sound really weird, but can supposedly relieve you off that incessant sore throat. All you need to do grease your throat with either lard or chicken fat, and then placing a pair of dirty socks around it. While no one actually knows how this would cure someone of sore throat, it was widely used as an indication to point out people who suffered from contagious and life threatening throat conditions. Some say that the dirtiness of the socks would induce sweating which would in turn take care of the sore throat (again, we don’t know how that would happen).

Drinking lizard soup for common cold

Drinking lizard soup

Yet another remedy for common cold that is followed in Hong Kong is lizard soup. Made out of combination of dried lizards, Chinese dates and yams simmered in water, the soup works just like chicken soup in getting rid of your cold. So try to stomach this weird remedy if you want to get rid of that cold quickly.

Using ice packs to get rid of high fever

high fever

Using ice to get rid of fever? Now that’s something you don’t hear every day. However, many claim that a great way to reduce fevers higher than 102°F would be to put an ice pack on your groin or under your arm. Although uncomfortable, this would cool your body’s core temperature, thus bringing down the fever to manageable levels.

Sleeping for better memory

improve memory and concentration

In Spain, it is considered a tradition of sorts to have a short nap of about an hour after lunch. Many claim that this short nap would help boost cardiovascular functions, improve memory and concentration, and reduce stress levels considerably. Just be sure to not nod off in a bed as then you won’t wake up after the stipulated time.

Eating spicy food to increase metabolism levels

Eating spicy food

Thai food is usually spicy. But if you think it is because the people prefer the taste of spicy food, then you are wrong. Eating spicy foods urges you to eat slowly and drink more water in between. Thus, you will get full faster and stop yourself from overeating. This, in turn, would increase your metabolism levels effectively.

Eating more pickles to stay thin

stay thin

Did you ever know the secret to staying thin is eating a lot of pickles? Ask any Hungarian and ‘yes’ would be the immediate reply. In Hungary, it is a customary tradition of sorts to stock the kitchen with pickles of all kinds, including bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbages. Supposedly the vinegar present in these pickles will aid in digestion as well as reduce fat formation, keeping you thin. It would also help reduce blood sugar and blood pressure levels effectively.

While we know a lot of rather common remedies for health ailments, there are some really weird remedies that are used in several places around the world for the same. From drinking lizard soup and eating pickles to wearing wet and dirty socks, these are some of the oddest remedies you can ever come across.

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