Want a long life? Drink moderately

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If you want to have a longer life span then drinking alcohol in small quantity (on average less than one glass per day), especially wine may perhaps help you. This fact leaped out from a long study of 40-years, conducted by Dutch researchers. Before concluding this, researchers studied about 1,373 men, born between 1900 and 1920. The view hurled by this study states that regular but limited wine consumption may increase life expectancy up to four years among men. In addition, the study also found that men having up to two glasses of alcohol a day were at 33 per cent lower risk of death from heart attack and stroke compared to those who did not drink alcohol at all. Here it is important to know that previous studies have also found that light to moderate drinking reduces serum levels of inflammatory markers such as C-reactive protein and interleukin-6, which might also explain the protective effect of alcohol drinking against cardiovascular disease

Excited over this interesting finding lead author of the study Martinette T. Streppel said:

Our study showed that long-term, light alcohol intake among middle-aged men was associated not only with lower cardiovascular and all-cause death risk, but also with longer life expectancy at age 50.

May be this study quite convincing but still the American Heart Association is not in a mood to recommend wine drinking to gain these so-called potential benefits. AHA believes that in order to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease one should regularly go for medical check-ups and should put some restraints on eating and living habits. This advice from AHA sounds quite significant but I fear that this advice would get deaf ears, especially from wine-lovers.

Moreover, this fact can also not be denied that where some previous studies have dubbed alcohol consumption health friendly habit at the same time some such studies have also come to surface, which have thrashed such studies quite badly.

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Via: Medical news today

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