Using coffee as an effective obesity prevention tool

Coffee addicts around the world have just found another reason to rejoice as well as stick to their daily morning cup of coffee. Recent studies have indicated that drinking coffee regularly can possibly prevent obesity as well as its associated diseases in individuals in the long run.

Increasing obesity scare


Over 60% of the American population is obese. And that is just one nation we are talking about there. With the condition on the verge of expanding to alarming levels in other countries as well, the necessity has risen for effective as well as safe strategies to curb obesity and its related illnesses in people.

Coffee’s benefits to prevent obesity


Research in the past has identified the potential benefits of drinking coffee when it comes to treating conditions like obesity. Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants that help flush out harmful radicals from the body. In doing so, these antioxidants help remove the factors that are responsible for inducing obesity as well as a myriad of other conditions like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Coffee contains chlorogenic acid (CGA)


New studies however, have potentially zeroed down on that one substance in coffee that can potentially fight obesity and treat it effectively. Called Chlorogenic Acid (CGA), this antioxidant helps protect the body from several obesity related health conditions, including obesity itself. Tests conducted on mice that were fed with a high fat diet while being injected chlorogenic acid solutions revealed promising effects against obesity wherein the mice did not gain weight at all during the test period.

Benefits for Chlorogenic Acid


Curbs Obesity triggered Metabolic Syndromes

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Extensive research conducted on Chrologenic Acid reveal that the antioxidant can effectively reduce the risks of obesity induced by high fat content in the body. It was also revealed that CGA has the potential to curb metabolic syndromes like insulin resistance and fatty liver triggered by obesity.

Reduces Inflammation

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Obesity is known to cause inflammation that if not treated in time, would lead to chronic inflammation. Chlorogenic acid counters the negative effects of inflammation by curbing it effectively to a great extent. Researchers are therefore, hopeful of developing an effective treatment plan incorporating CGA for obese individuals. Of course, one would need to consume more CGA than is present in a cup of coffee to curb obesity. However, the standard cup of morning coffee is definitely a step ahead in the right direction for those who find it hard to combat the condition.

Improves lipid metabolism

Boosts immunity

The chlorogenic acid present in coffee can easily take care of conditions like lipid and glucose metabolism in the body. The rich antioxidant can help achieve this in a very short span of time. Improved metabolism would in turn mobilize fats from the fatty tissues in the body, thereby getting rid of fat stores and treating obesity effectively. A modest amount of CGA (about 1/2-1 gram) is more than enough for the same purpose. So while we don’t advocate drinking excess coffee, a cup or two of strong coffee during the day would not do any harm at all.

Although research on the Chlorogenic acid present in coffee and its obesity-related benefits is preliminary, experts indicate that the potential benefits of the drink for other health ailments related to the condition is more than reason enough for individuals to stock up on their daily dose of coffee. The recommended dose of coffee for adults is below 400 mg per day. As such, drinking anywhere between two and four cups should provide the body with the nutrients it needs to treat obesity and its related conditions in the long run.


Research has indicated that the chlorogenic acid present in coffee can help treat obesity and its related conditions. This is great news for coffee drinkers who now have a more valid reason to gulp down their favorite drink every morning without feeling bad about it.

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