Tips to care eyes while using computer!

Eyes are the most delicate and important organ of our body and their bad health is bound to affect all spheres of our life. Therefore, it is quite important to treat them in a special way, especially while sitting before computer. So, here are some important tips to keep the light shinning forever.

1. Keep visiting our ophthalmologist at least once a year.

2. Make sure that you keep your eyes at least 20 inches away from your computer monitor.

3. Do not keep gazing at your computer monitor and have a short break after every one hour.

4. Place computer monitor at a 35-degree angle below your eyes. This reduces incidence of Dry Eye.

5. If you find some symptoms of eye dryness then consult your ophthalmologists immediately.

I am sure that these few but important tips would help you keeping your eyes healthy, even if you use your computer for long hours.

Image credit: Park Land

Via: Online Bangalore

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