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Nanotechnology is rapidly taking over the field of medical sciences.

The effective anti-viral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal hydrogen peroxide can also be used for anthrax decontamination, and thus, its presence in your body is significant, as when..

New nontoxic nano-particle can detect earliest stages of any disease

Though the link between asthma and obesity is well established, what still baffles the researchers in the reason behind this relationship.

Yes, obese people are more vulnerable in developing asthma, compared to ones with normal weight. If the same…


According to a new study low levels of testosterone in males may not provide them with a longer life. The study says that they suffer a greater chance of not reaching to their middle age when compared to those who have higher levels of the…

Male with low testosterone hormone have shorter life

Ectrodactyly is a rare congenital deformity of the hand where the middle digit is missing, and the hand is cleft where the metacarpal of the finger should be. This split gives the hands the appearance of lobster claws. And hence the known as the lobster.

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