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Hunger-triggering protein links obesity to asthma: Study


Though the link between asthma and obesity is well established, what still baffles the researchers in the reason behind this relationship.

asthmaYes, obese people are more vulnerable in developing asthma, compared to ones with normal weight. If the same query of the scientists are leaving you pondering, here are the new findings by some scientists, that may eventually be the answer to it.

A protein — PMCH – is found to be the main culprit behind this. It does not only lead to the inflammation of lungs, but also increases hunger.

The specialized cells — Th2 cells — belong to the immune system and eventually inflame the lungs, leading to the asthma’s development. These cells also produce the protein which in turn increases appetite. An amazing article here: https://totalshape.com/supplements/best-tasting-protein-powder-with-water/, compiled by our friends at TotalShape.com, provides a brief insight into some of the best protein supplements.

The study found that obese people run a 50% greater risk of developing asthma.

Although no therapeutic implications of the new finding are found yet, the research, surely is of interest for both the scientific fraternity as well as the sufferers of the symptoms, especially when the world is up with arms to curb the increasing obesity trend.

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