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Staying healthy should be a family affair. A paediatrician provides some important tips that will help keep the generations in good shape Keeping Healthy is a Family Affair… Maintaining a healthy regime, as part of […]

Family Health Tips

An overview of a condition that all too often results in social isolation Autism – a Challenging Disorder     “To talk of a cure for any of the ASDs is inappropriate. ASD is not

Autism - a Challenging Disorder

The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children launches a major social and health awareness initiative PROTECT CHILDHOOD CAMPAIGN is launched in Dubai Dubai Foundation for Women and Children tackles important subject of child abuse The

Protect Childhood Campaign

Make-up your mind and be prepared to stay healthy and fit during coming festival Few days ago, my medicine supplier came and said “madam, please stock your medicines, as festival is coming.” Quite surprising!!! “How

Stay Healthy during Festival

“Rotavirus”-the most common contagious infection that affects almost every child before reaching the age of five and can be easily prevented by washing hands properly. Read about disease symptoms, treatment and prevention. The commercial advertisement

Understand Common Childhood Disease- Rotavirus

A clinical psychologist reports how children who are overweight often experience emotional difficulties Childhood obesity is a major public health issue, not least because of the associated health risks that increase as these children enter

The Hidden Suffering

Old wives’ tales and folklore masquerading as health advice are put under the spotlight 1 – A firm bed is best for your aching back… According to popular belief, a firm mattress is the best

Ten Health Myths Exploded
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