Study: Vitamin C and E not helpful in Preeclampsia

The New England Journal of Medicine says about a research, suggesting that the large doses of vitamins C and E can’t prevent preeclampsia. It can’t even lower the risk of it. But it is not harmful to the baby anyway.

The trial deals with the low-risk group of women and vitamin supplementation showed no evident help in reducing the rate of preeclampsia or poor infant outcomes. Dr. Arun Jeyabalan, an assistant professor in Magee Women’s Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh said that this study made on the low risk group of women. And even the larger dose of vitamin didn’t show any benefit in reducing preeclampsia.

She said further on the possibilities only if the study would be done somewhere else in other countries. The trail happens on Australian women. It may give different result in the case of U.S women.


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