REM intrusion in near to death experience

60 percent of those who had been through Near to death experience(NDE), the rapid-eye movement (REM) state of sleep intrudes into their consciousness while awake. Both before and after their traumatic event, these people had some experiences. It is like not being able to move, sudden muscle weakness in their legs, and hearing sounds that no one else hears upon waking or falling asleep.

These findings suggest that REM state intrusion contributes to near-death experiences. People who have near death experiences may have an arousal system that predisposes them to REM intrusion.

The intrusion might also explain the vivid scenes described by some NDE survivors, such as seeing their own bodies from above during surgery.

Near death experiences are recalled with an intense sense of realness that contrasts sharply to dreams. Furthermore, NDEs lack the bizarre characteristics of dreams.


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