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Nutrition for seniors

Nutrition for seniors

Caring for your health becomes more important as you grow old. The aging process not only affects your skin by showing wrinkles but also affects your inner health and overall wellbeing. Hence it is necessary that you take more care of your nutrition and fitness during these days.

For all those who are on the verge of completing or have completed 60 years of age, need to understand the special nutritional requirements that they need to focus on. There are certain ailments, the risk of which increase after a certain age and hence need to be prevented.

Healthy diet

With all the changes occurring in the body and the nutritional demand increasing with increasing age, you can maintain good health with the help of healthy diet plan. Having small portions of all food groups and in accordance with the digestion and intake capacity is important at this age. For many chewing, swallowing o digesting may become a problem, so food choices should be made appropriately.

Fruits and vegetables

Nutrition for seniors

Some foods are easy to digest; for examples fruits and vegetables and they are also great sources of vitamins and minerals. Starchy foods should be preferably chosen as being whole grain foods and cereals.  They not only are more nutritious, but also provide roughage to relieve constipation and help to reduce blood cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure.

Calcium and Iron

Special attention should be given to the increased calcium and iron requirements and especially for women. Calcium rich foods like low fat milk and milk products, green leafy vegetables, lean meat cuts, fish, etc should be included in your daily diet.




Staying physically and mentally fit is equally essential. Walking, cycling, swimming, yoga or any form of exercise can be chosen to remain active. For those suffering from joint problems, a proper medical advice can help in deciding a fitness plan.


As a part of healthy diet, it is advisable to use salt and sugar in moderation and very little use of fats and special care should be take n for those already suffering from diabetes, blood pressure or high cholesterol. Those on medications should regularly follow the dosage and instructions.

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