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Master chef tips for the daily home cook to master cooking


The tips given by the master chefs will definitely make your day if cooking is your passion. Impress your guests and family by your culinary skills.

Crispy cutlets

Chef Aaron Silverman’s way of making crispy cutlets is simple enough for a home cook. The first step is to pound the meat well using a meat mallet. Season the meat before you bread it, use salt, pepper or any other condiment of your liking. Coat the meat properly on both sides with flour and then in beaten eggs to get a better crisp. Take a frying pan and pour oil until it is ½” filled, when the oil has heated fry the cutlets.

Enhancing the flavor of fish

Treating the fish with salt and rice vinegar can bring out the flavor of the fish. Chef David Kinch covers the fish fillets with salt completely and then soaks them in rice vinegar for at least 5 minutes. He drains the vinegar dries the fish and cooks it for a romantic flavor.

The burnt citrus

One of the New York’s master chefs has transformed the way we use citrus fruit in cooking. Chef Amanda Freitag’s idea behind charring the lemons and oranges is to bring down its acidity. Half the citrus fruit you intend to use for cooking, rub olive oil on the cut surface. Keeping the cut side face down on an iron pan kept over a medium heat, cook for 4-5minutes, till they are charred. Squeeze out the juice on your fish, chicken or veggies for a splendid flavor.

Some small tips to help you cook better

Chef Charlie Palmer says the best way to ensure your cakes and muffins are baked properly, is to use a thermometer to check the exact temperature of the oven before you start baking them. Bake at the right temperature to get the perfect results.

Sauce should be seasoned at the end of the process of making it. If salt were added in between the process, when the sauce is reduced, it would become more salty. The required quantity of salt can be added after the sauce has reached a point where it will not reduce any further.

Vinaigrette needs lemon juice, we want to extract the max out of a lemon and Chef Laurent Tourondel has a simple way to do it. Put the lemon in the microwave for just 10 seconds and you will get the maximum juice flowing out easily.

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