Maintaining online & offline health record


Maintaining proper online/offline health record

While writing a health journal is important, maintaining the medical records is also of great importance. Medical record is the collection of medical investigation reports, doctor’s case papers and all medical files. This collection is very crucial for your further medical needs and also as a formality when it comes to documentation.

Offline health record

Offline health record is the medical record in its physical form or hard copies. You may be having files of your medical center or physician. These files contain valuable information like medical case papers, prescriptions given, details of follow-up visits, etc. There are reports of investigations that are required for future reference. In case of hospital admissions or surgeries, there are discharge summaries, which carry a great deal of important information with regards to your future medical requirement.

It is therefore necessary that you make a record of all these files and papers and keep it safely. Also, it is important that you carry these files when visiting your physician or any other medical staff, so that they can evaluate your case well. You can arrange them depending on your illnesses, like separate files for cardiology complaints, another one for some other illness etc. You can also arrange them chronologically in the order of their occurrences.

Online health record

Just like offline record, online health record also contains similar medical information, but in an electronic form. With the increasing use of computer and technology, medical reports are also available as soft copies that can be saved in your computer system. They can be mailed to and shared with your physician instantly. Many investigation laboratories now provide online medical reports of your medical tests.

These days, online clinics are also on the rise and in such case your medical record needs to be online. There are also some health websites that offer services where you can store your medical records in a systematic manner and use it when required.


Whether it is online or offline, maintaining proper health record is very beneficial in the following ways:

  • It provides up to date information regarding your medical illnesses and other health concerns.
  • It can be shared with any physician as per the requirement without causing any delays.
  • It can help in avoiding unnecessary repeat investigations thus saving time and money.
  • The record is useful even if you move to another location or to another physician. Well maintained health record will always help you get the best medical care.

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